Today Danny is not gonna be doing much of the talking as the floor will be thrown open to you guys. A lot have been said about women being thrown to the sidelines when it comes to politics in Nigeria. Women just sit there and watch men run the game in politics. But one question I must ask is, since the men have been running this game, has there been any improvement? I’m sure you know the answers. Another big question will the women do any better? Oh well. Like I said I’m not saying anything on this topic today. I’ll let you guys do the talking. If you think women will do better prove it and if you think they won’t do any better prove it too. It’s the guys game to lose on this one so guys don’ disappoint. For the ladies, it’s your game to win so prove to the world that you girls run the world. So that’s the topic for today on Danny world will a woman do better as president of Nigeria? So leave a comment on this one.

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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