As humans we all see things differently the way Danny sees things is totally different from the way you see things. Sometimes your judgment of things, people or situations maybe wrong and notions like that are to be corrected so your conclusions doesn’t get to be axioms. Generally, arguments happen because both parties view the topic in contention in totally different lights. This doesn’t make either of them right or wrong it means they’ve both got views and they just want to heard. Perception is one the major problems we have in our world today. This is the reason why America has a lot of enemies today from Russia to Afghanistan to Iraq to Germany, China and the others, not because America is a world power or something but because of the way America do things. Even down to racism, why do you think it’s been a big problem over the years? It’s because the whites have this notion that blacks are monkeys and therefore blacks shouldn’t be placed in the same category with the whites. Perception has also cause a lot of problems in our politics home and abroad. Today we’re gonna looking at perceptions and how it has affected our world and deploy ways of bringing an end to it. Welcome on board.

People always want other people to see things from their own perspective and discard others view. Sometimes our views are not always right and so there is a need for others to be heard cause yes a tree doesn’t make a forest. If things were always gonna be viewed from your own perspective then God wouldn’t have created other people on planet earth. Now you say something and because someone doesn’t agree with your point there is conflict and that’s what our world has become today. In Nigeria today, politicians doesn’t want opposition they want to be the only ones heard. Political powers or positions should be normative in terms of its approach to public offices. Instead of a politician to see power as something which is meant to serve the people instead they see power as total control where they get to take part of the national cake. Now anyone who goes against that agenda is considered an enemy then the conflict begins to escalate. Until we get to that point where every view is considered and not discarded, I’m afraid we will keep having problems. Our perception shouldn’t be interest based it should be others based cause when you consider the next person’s view then you strike a balance.

Perception has caused a lot of problems in relationships and even marriages in our world today. You see a couple having problems in their relationships and you ask why? The reason is because both parties see things in a different light. The man is like ‘I don’t you should work…stay at home and take care of my kids’ the wife is like ‘I’m not a housewife we should get a house help’ now there is a contrast of opinions and then revolt sets into the marriage. One thing I advise in relationships is that you can’t always have your way that’s why you’re two in one it means you guys work in unison. If you didn’t need him or her then why did you get into a relationship in the first place even to marriage. Note that at some point disagreements will arise but our ability to correct each others notion makes us wise. The only way you can do this is by talking and trust me it goes a long way in putting things in appropriate conditions. Like they say we disagree to agree.

My advise; if you’ve haven’t heard the other party’s view never give it a perception never give your conclusion. Sometimes what you’re thinking is totally different from what the next person is thinking. Don’t review before you preview. Take that from Danny today!

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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