The Downsides To Body Counts

And we are BACK!


One topic we all shy away from is sex. Funny how we mask an act as old as creation. An act we all must participate in at some point in our lives. Some glamorize it, some wear it like a cloak and others choose to ignore its existence. Sadly for folks like that, she (sex) has refused to budge as she continues to stare them in the face.

Over the years, our society has evolved into a more open world for sexual orientation and identity. The social discrimination against the likes of homosexuals and queers in the 19th century is almost non-existent in today’s society.

Openly Gay Couple.

Today, people are very free with their sexual expression and rather than being discriminated, they are celebrated for their sexual choices. Progress in humanity, we can all agree.


But that liberation has opened up another can of worms on the spectrum. Now we’ve tossed the line to the curb, turning the sexual marketplace to a drive through. It’s quick, everybody gets served, no checks, probably unhealthy but we all eat to satisfy that craving. Sex has become very accessible even to kids because of the internet. The media continues to double down on sexual liberation through our music, movies and social media platforms.

Back in the day, the body counts were way lesser than what we have today. Once, I had a conversation with a lady who was 24 at the time. She fessed up about having slept with over 70 guys. Yes, you can close the gape in your mouth now. That conversation happened about five years ago. I’ll leave you to imagine how many bodies she’s added to that list? The word you’re looking for is, hoe. Let’s not even start with the men.


Men have always been known to be more promiscuous in society. In today’s society, with the advent of dating sites and recently, OnlyFans, sex has become very accessible to men. People are having trains run through them, foursomes, groupies and rings. It’s out of control now. They lost me at open relationships where they keep multiple sexual partners on roll call even under the umbrella of monogamy. The word you’re looking for is, crazy.

An OnlyFans Model

Recently, a 30-year old cisgender male on social media, said his last count was 1,500. Yes, you read right. He’s slept with over a thousand different people and he’s not even middle aged yet. Sounds outlandish but it’s our reality today. Funny how virginity used to be a thing of a virtue. Now it’s something to be embarrassed about. News flash, promiscuity gets embarrassing at some point too and we are right there today. At what point, do you put the counts to a stop?


The number of STDs has tripled in the last two decades but that hasn’t stopped people from being free with their bodies, rather it’s had a counter-productive effect. We all want the freedom to express how we feel sexually, but we have to recognize that comes at a cost. Question is, how do we reconcile the extremes of the spectrum?

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