Are Women Better Cheaters?

And We Are Back!

On hot topic today, we are talking about Cheating and how infidelity has wrecked trust in modern relationships. A lot of times, men are painted to be the most cheaters. The argument is always, “Men are more visual driven.” Well, that rhetoric seems to have changed in recent times.


Women have become really shrewd with cheating today. This change in the dating dynamic could also be tied to the new wave of sexual liberation as highlighted in our previous discourse.

In a recent study by Outlook Magazine in 2019, it stated that cheating among women has risen by 40% in the last two decades. A huge jump from the norm in the 80’s where women were deemed to be more feminine and cooperative. The magazine also highlighted that the cheating rate among men has remained steady in the same time period.


Psychology Today, explains that the most common reason that people pursue affairs is because they are sexually dissatisfied in their primary relationships. Other reasons include a desire for new sexual encounters, a lack of emotional satisfaction, wanting validation from other people and people falling out of love with their partners.

Woman flirting with her man’s friend.

Question is, what could be the ideals responsible for this recent increase in the number of women cheating today? The truth is, women have become more self-serving. A lot of times, women are termed “emotional cheaters” which means when they cheat, their emotions are already in it and that makes it more hurtful for men because now they feel they are lacking emotional and communicative skills.


Amazingly, when women engage in cheating, they are more calculated with their approach to a man’s oblivion. Some women could be cheating on their partners for years and their partner would have no clue. In a man’s case, when he does cheat, the woman knows because they have this inherent power called Intuition. A woman always suspects when a man’s cheating and somehow, men always leave trails behind.

Women tie up all loose ends when they cheat even when it’s right in front of their partner’s nose. Of course, “men are stupid” is the popular phrase. But I guess the question is, if men have been labelled perpetual cheaters across history, why do women want that label today? Let that simmer for a moment. How do you put out a fire by adding more fuel? How do you complain about a label you’ve become? Sounds hypocritical right?


While there may be anecdotal experiences, this is the reality we are faced with in today’s dating market. Infidelity creates insecurity in relationships and when that starts to creep in, the cracks start to show.

Woman secretly texting another man.

But it’s a conversation I think we should have here. What do you think is the cause for this sudden change in the dating culture? Is this the right fit for the dating culture?


Drop your comments in the box below. Don’t forget to listen to the podcast to hear a further discussion on the topic. You’re welcome to The Spectrum. This is Danny world…


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