Yet another piece of elegy with life long lessons. Titled “Speak” read away!


All I wanna do is speak
Speak the content of my heart
Speak the truth in lies
Speak the freedom in my cave
Speak my shame even in the fame
Speak my pride even in my fall
Speak my grace when I fall

Speak my faze staring at the phase
Speak my hurt even in Eden
Speak my celebrations in the commiserations
Speak, even when the reason is treason
Speak my demons even when I’m watched by angels
Speak my dream while I wake up to reality
Speak the curse of my blessing for therein lies the cause

Speak my battles for therein lies the triumph
Speak my light even in the dark of the night
Speak my groan even when I’m built a knight
Speak my drought deep in the dam.
Speak my lonely even in the crowd
Speak, not from the blade but its scars
Speak, for perfection is flawed

Speak, for life is transient
And death is transit
Speak, even in our lust for dust
Speak, for I miss his bliss.
Speak, for I’m drenched in his rain of pain
Speak, for grief is never brief
All I wanna do is speak…

In memory of my brother, DIVINE IMONITIE OSAYANDE ODIA. 😭😭😭

You’ll forever live in our hearts. 💔

Rest on brother. Rest on!

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