Good day to y’all and you’re welcome to Danny world. Now today on the show we’ll be speaking to another guest who we might just be learning a thing or two from today. I have with me here a pretty young lady who goes by name OKAFOR LOTACHI. Here is how the chat went.

Danny: So Lotachi introduce yourself to us please.
Lotachi: I’m Lotachi a student of the University of Benin First year Pharmacy. I’m from Anambra state and I live in Enugu schooling in Benin obviously…That’s about basic introduction.
Danny: So have has it been like for you since you got into school. You know the new environment and all that.
Lotachi: For me I went to a boarding school although here has been more challenging but it’s not been that bad…of course people have done it so I will definitely do the same.
Danny: I like that challenge. So Lota how would you rate where you were to where you are now? Would you say where you were was better off than now or is it the other way round?
Lotachi: Of course there has been a lot of improvement. There are so many things I can do better now than before. You get to know that you’re really on your own and every decision you take has got a consequence. I think I’m better off where I am now and where I am now is much better than where I imagined myself to be.
Danny: Wow like that. Where do you see yourself 6 to 7 years from now?
Lotachi: Hmmm 6 to 7 years? Pharmacy is 6years and I’ve got 5years more so by then I should be done. Maybe internship…
Danny: Married?
Lotachi: Lol that’s part of it. Once I’m through with school yeah marriage will come through everything will fall in place after school surely.
Danny: Alright then. Have you made real friends so far?
Lotachi: It might be too early but yes I have made real friends. A few though but yeah I have. Although there were some people I used to talk to in before now but right now we don’t flow on that level anymore cause I came to realize we didn’t have a common goal or motive as it were. With time I will meet more people I’m a very open and optimistic person. Certainly I have made true friends.
Danny: Cool stuff. What’s Lota’s favourite colour?
Lotachi: Here is the thing. Lota doesn’t have a favourite colour, food, actor or musician or anything.
Danny: That’s pretty strange
Lotachi: Lol yeah that’s just how I am. But I have a favourite club though Arsenal.
Danny: Yeah that’s true an Arsenal fan. How did you come about the whole love for football? Most girls I know really don’t like football at all.
Lotachi: I owe that to my brother and my dad it’s a tradition in my house we all watch matches together.
Danny: Why Arsenal? Why not Man United or Barcelona?
Lotachi: My sister is more into football and I’m this kind of person that really look up to my siblings so anything she does I try to copy even when I was growing up. So she was into Arsenal and I just followed her and that’s how the Arsenal love came about. At least I remember 2004 being the last time we won the premier league but hmmm Arsenal now…don’t wanna talk about it
Danny: Lol we know the whole story
Lotachi: Lol
Danny: You’re number what in the family?
Lotachi: I’m the last.
Danny: Wow so everyone is always protective of you and all that.
Lotachi: Lol yeah they don’t have a choice.
Danny: Wow they don’t have a choice. That’s how you know the last born lol. Talking siblings now, how many are you guys?
Lotachi: We’re three a guy and two girls.
Danny: Okay. You said earlier you’re from Anambra. Why leave Anambra and the whole Igbo states down to a new place as Benin. Why Benin?
Lotachi: For me schooling has nothing to do with location except you’re going to the north obviously. I’ve never been in one place I went to my secondary school in Abuja I live in Enugu I mean why not Benin? Why not Lagos? Why not Calabar? Nobody is really close to home my siblings are not close to home so I decided to do the same.
Danny. Alright then. Let’s go personal a little bit.
Lotachi: Okay
Danny: Does Lota has a boyfriend?
Lotachi: Hmmm she’s choosing not answer.
Danny: Why?
Lotachi: We’re moving on to the next question. I’m not answering based on some personal reasons.
Danny: Okay she doesn’t have a boyfriend
Lotachi: Not saying that either…
Danny: Alright then. I’m gonna respect that. Has school changed you?
Lotachi: Yes I will say that to some extent of course environment changes people. I wouldn’t say there has been obvious changes that much. Someone who knew me back then wouldn’t say Lota has changed drastically I think I’m still me but a little changes here and there. I think I react better now to situations cause in the university you’ve gotta be mature and all that so yeah I’ve changed positively.
Danny: Okay cool stuff. So that’s all the questions I have for you today. Thanks for coming on the show Lota.
Lotachi: Yes thank you for having me on the show.
Danny: Thanks for coming on Danny world.
Lotachi: Thank very much.
Danny: And that’s the show for today.

Wow an amazing young lady right? Yeah I thought the same. I’m sure you must have learned something from that little chat right there with Lotachi. She is a promising and fun person I can tell you that categorically. Now if you want to be on the show like Lotachi all you need do is to contact Danny on his different social media platforms and who knows…you could just get to be on the blog. This is Danny world we’re talking we’re sharing and we’re learning. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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