New short poem series titled “In My Feelings” and first of its series, titled “Drown.” Read away!


All I wanna do is drown

Drown in my pain

Drown in the floodgates of regrets

Drown in my cascade of nausea

Drown in my feelings

Drown in my crossroads

Drown in my vale of darkness

Drown in my ocean of doubt

Drown in my ruins

Drown in the usurp from my perch

Drown in this rave I so dire crave

Drown in my fall, for therein, lies growth

Drown in my blindness, for therein, lies my sight

Drown in my weakness, for therein, I draw strength

Drown in the pages of my own pen

Drown in the scenes of my own drama

Drown in the tragedy of my own tale

Drown in the pool of my own tears

All I wanna do is drown…

~ Danny



Share your thoughts on the comment section below. This is Danny world…

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