An elegy to my grandma. A woman of virtue, dedication and overwhelming love. Read away!


Dear grandma, you left without saying goodbye

I can’t explain the hurt

All I see is my heart bleeding

Wishing I could wake up from this nightmare

Only to realize I woke up to this nightmare


Dear grandma, who’s gonna pray for me now?

Who’s gonna remind me I frown like my father?

Who’s gonna stress my name when I’m off cause?

I always thought having you was a dream

Even when you were my reality


Dear grandma, will these scars ever heal?

I still feel your warmth around me

Maybe I’m just holding on to every sliver of you

Reminiscing your deeds only brought raindrops to my eyes

Your demise still a puzzle


Dear grandma, who’s gonna exhaust my airtime on a call?

Who’s gonna preach to me about Christ?

Death may have put out your torch

But I’m never gonna lose touch

As you’ll forever live in my heart


Dear grandma, you were brave

Even in penury, you gave

Though a queen, you played a slave

But like Christ with souls, all you did was save

And like the museum, your memories will forever remain my crave… ✍🏼✍🏼

With a heavy heart, I say goodbye grandma… πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


Written & Composed by Danny.

In tribute to Late Mrs Victoria Olayiwola who passed on at age 76. Rest on!

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