Is Don’t Look Up a Classic? | Movie Review | Ep. 54

In this special episode, we delve into every detail from the movie “Don’t Look Up” on the show. We dissect the most resonating scenes, assess the story and character performance, social, economic and political issues highlighted, production and star power. We’re also asking, what would you do if you knew the human race will be destroyed today? On Nana’s corner, we highlight the current war between Putin’s Russia and Ukraine, the shenanigans between Tory Lanez & Megan The Stallion, Kanye’s documentary, the end of The Wendy Williams show, Cardi B & Tasha K drama, T.I doing Stand Up, Whoopi Goldberg saga and more. A packed and fun episode. Enjoy the show!


Movie Review 

Story Telling – Naomie 4.5 | Danny 4.5

Performance – Naomie 4.0 | Danny 4.0

Production – Naomie 4.0 | Danny 4.5

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