Dedicated to a friend and brother, BRIGHT OMUABOR. Read away!


Life precedes birth

Birth is pregnant with love

Love grows with time and time, gives beauty to love

But death is the end of time

Even when death knows no time


The human race dread your claws

Like Voldemort, quiver at the utter of your name

You claim you don’t go through us but us through you

You make us cherish your foe

You say you give her essence when all you do, is sentence


You claim you’re innocuous

But you’re just as venomous

A taste of you, so unsavory

A glimpse, so uncanny

Your breath, nothing but terror


You encroached into my space

Showed your ugly face hiding under the guise of “Just A Phase”

You broke my once beautiful vase

Decapitated my once coveted house to its base

And absconded without a trace


Oh death! My Pandora’s Box

Everyone despises you because you lurk in the shadows

And love her because she lives in the spotlight

Digusted, you took her away from me

And left me to dine with pain, thus, the eulogy


Oh my friend! You never ran away from a fight

Always showed Might

Like a true Knight

Family as priority was always in sight

Stood by us even when we weren’t right


In the dark of the night

Your cheer was a touch of light

Even when it was gloomy, you remained bright

Impetuous, but your heart was always right

Oh how I miss you, Bright


Yesterday was a privilege

Today’s a gift

And tomorrow’s never promised

Your next second is no right

Maybe we’re all just on borrowed time


You were nothing but brave

Benevolence, your crave

Even when it wasn’t savory, you gave

You lived in the moment, rave

And now you’re six feet down in the grave


Words evasive! Maybe I should just mime

When did long life become a crime?

You died in your prime

Wish I could turn back the hands of time

But sadly, all I can do is sit here and rhyme


We laughed when you conceded nine

We chuckled when you got drunk on wine

Oh how I relish those moments, divine

Last we saw, you were fine

Now you’re gone and all you left was pine


My heart bleeds from the pain

I wonder whether life is any gain

Or is it all vain?

Your demise, I still can’t explain

Now I fear I may never remain the same, again


We’re all in a market

You trade with money in your pocket

And go home with water in your basket

Only to remember there are items on your cart you’re yet to get

Oops! Too late now you’re already in a casket


Life is all material

Even though material is immaterial

We should all live to inspire

Now you’re ascended, aerial

And I’m down here, still in denial


Written/Composed by Danny in honor of the Late Bright Omuabor who passed on to the great beyond on the 15th Of August, 2018. Forever in our hearts brother.

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