A warm welcome to movie review on Danny world. Now at the start of the year, we gave you the Top Movies to look out for in 2018. Pretty sure you’ve been enjoying Hollywood’s biggest movies at the cinemas all through the first half of the year. Now it’s the second half of the year, and we’ve got even more top drawer and incredible movies coming up this month. This July, the biggest stars of Hollywood collide to grace the big screen.


The biggest man in Hollywood Dwayne Johnson, the legendary Denzel Washington, veteran Forest WhitakerAdam Sandler, Paul Rudd, Hollywood’s sweetheart Selena Gomez, Matrix star Keanu Reeves and action hero Tom Cruise all converge this month. Definitely, fans anticipate unarguably the biggest movie this July on Tom Cruise’s return in “Mission Impossible: The Fallout.” So in no particular order, we bring you the TOP TEN [10] MOVIES IN HOLLYWOOD THIS JULY;



Probably Netflix’ biggest thriller this month with the movie creating a lot of buzz among movie fans in the past few months. Quite certain, a lot of fans will be itching to see this one. The movie stars “Divergent” and ladies favorite Theo James and supporting cast Forest Whitaker.

In the synopsis, a mystic apocalypse is upon the country and ensues everyone in chaos, agitation and sheer controversy. Now a man must beat the odds and run through this mayhem painfully with his father-in-law to rescue his pregnant wife on the other side. Great scenery and this one’s out in the cinemas on July 13th, 2018.



America’s biggest diamond dealer travels to Russia to close in on what could be the most lucrative deal of his life. But all hell breaks loose when deal goes south and a huge hassle erupts with him [Keanu Reeves] and his lady caught right in the middle of the debacle.

Gear up for this romantic-thriller packed with loads of action. Director Matthew Ross is behind the scenes for this one as movie also stars Molly Ringwald, Veronica Ferres and Aleks Paunovic. Release date is July 13th, 2018.



I call him “The Legend” because he just reeks class all over and I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me. Oh well, the award winning Denzel Washington returns to the big screen for the second installation of “The Equalizer.” Like the first sequel, Robert McCall’s inexorable character of jungle justice continues as he carries on his fight against subjugation of the common man.

This time, does he take it a notch higher when it involves a loved one? Crime, action, drama and thriller all unfolds in one screen. A Denzel classic no doubt. An absolute masterpiece from Hollywood’s finest. Movie also stars Melissa Leo, Pedro Pascal and Bill Pullman as fans await this big one. It’s out at the cinemas on July 20th, 2018.



Definitely, the biggest animation drama to expect this July as “Hotel Transylvania” returns to the big screen for its third installation. Animation fans certainly are ecstatic to see the return of Dracula [Steve Buscemi] as director Genndy Tartakovsky has got us hooked on this romantic twist.

Dracula falls in love with Ericka who’s from the bloodline of the famous vampire slayer Abraham Van Helsing while on holiday with the rest of the Drac Pack on an exquisite monster cruise ship. A weird love tale or should I say a forbidden love. Other casts include Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez and Mel Brooks. Release date is July 16th, 2018.



After his success with “Rampage,” the big man Dwayne Johnson is back and with another blockbuster in “Skyscraper.” Director Rawson Marshall Thurber has got everyone on the edge of their seats for this action packed thriller. Will Ford is a war veteran of the United States on a mission in faraway China. Now he has security clearance and assess to Skyscrapers.

But in a flash, the tallest and considerably most secured edifice in the world is engulfed in a ravaging fire. Will has been wrongly accused of arson. Now he is on the run to find the culprits off the grid and save his family caught in the fire in the building. Text book Dwayne Johnson brawl action right there and we definitely want a piece of it. In cinemas on July 13th, 2018.



New kid on the block, Elsie Kate has got everyone talking about this modern day comedy by director Bo Burnham. She plays the role of Kayla, a 13 year old who must find a way to navigate through her last days in middle school and her catastrophic final year in Eight Grade.

It’s one for the whole family no doubt as Elsie Kate takes teen dramedy a notch higher. Movie also stars Emily Robinson, Catherine Oliviere, Daniel Zolghadri and Josh Hamilton. Catch this one at the cinemas on July 13th, 2018.



Director Peyton Reed is back with the second sequel of “Ant-Man” and it promises to be even more adventurous. Scott Long [Paul Rudd] amidst his struggle with his new path as a superhero and being a father, he is forced to put on the Ant-Man suit one more time as a new nemesis is in town and he must do battle with the help of the Wasp.

A classic blend of action and drama as movie also stars Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas. Release date is July 6th, 2018.



The new founding fathers of America will put a sociological theory to test in a local community in a quest to reduce the crime rate in the town to as low as a percent. But project goes south when in a bid to fuel belligerence and revolt among the people against their oppressors, the violence will spread across cities in the country.

Gerrard McMurray is behind the scenes and the movie stars Lex Scott, Steve Harris, Y’lan Noel and Scott Davies. It’s in theatres on July the 4th, 2018.





Literally, the biggest blockbuster in the U.S box office this July. Star directors Bruce Geller and Christopher McQuairrie unite for this big one as “Mission Impossible” sees its sixth volume. Tagged “The Fallout,” we’ll see action duo in fans favorite Tom Cruise and the delectable Rebecca Ferguson.

The plot tells the tale of a mission gone wrong when Ethan Hunt and his team as well as allies are put in a precarious situation in a battle against time. Personally, I can’t wait for this one guys. An action-thriller from start to finish. Catch this big one at the cinemas and be sure to grab a popcorn as well on July 27th, 2018.



Lastly, Lakeith Stanfield stars in this raw Black suburban story of a Black community in the old Oakland and its ghastly and gruesome street nature. Telemarketer Cassius Green, leads a protest against corporate oppression in Calif until he crossed paths with cocaine baron Steve Lift who’d offer him the biggest deal of his entire life.

Guys, this one’s got everything in it. From drama to comedy and the sheer tingling sensation of the Afro-American culture and vibe coupled with street cred and wit.

Really poised for this one guys. Also, “Power” star Omar Hardwick is on the scenes for this one alongside Tessa Thompson, Danny Glover and Jermaine Fowler. Release date is on July 6th, 2018.




And those are the top movies to anticipate and see as they drop at the cinemas this month. Do well to send us your thoughts on these movies on Danny world. It’s Hollywood at its best. Don’t miss out on all the action. Until next time, this is Danny world…


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