Over centuries, man has evolved and so has its creation. Man has moved from the “Stone Age” to the “Jet Age” where the Internet takes center stage. Man has also moved from superstition to science. Although, some of those beliefs still hold sway in some countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

They’ve also moved from horse riding to cars and air planes. Writing letters used to be the trend and now you have cell phones. Before now, man only used bows, arrows and swords in battle but today guns win wars. It’s an evolution. It tells you that things are never going to remain the way they are, they either phase out or join the trend.

What is trending today may not trend tomorrow. What is best today may be relegated to the sidelines tomorrow. It’s the world we live in. But there is one thing that will never change and that is “Words”. It’s what started the world and it’s going to remain even when the world is long gone. For as long as man lives, man will always talk.

People will always communicate and learn. Truth is, we’re where we are today because of the words our forefathers spoke and our words will make the next generation. It’s a trend that exists in every generation. Question is, what are we saying? What do our words mean? How much impact do our words have?

These are questions we must ask ourselves if we want to stay germane in our world today or the future. The result of this world and the next to come is a function of the words we speak. It’s because words precede action which ultimately brings about a reaction. It’s a cycle of life that can never be broken. So you want to make the world a better place? Then talk.

You want to save people? Then talk. You want to change people’s mindset? Talk. You don’t like the way things are around you? Then have a voice. It’s the only way to change things around us and the world at large. If we are not talking we are not communicating and if that’s not happening then we can’t move forward. True progress is measured by the level of understanding of a people. And understanding only comes through communication.

The only reason why man could evolve from “Stone Age” to “Jet Age” is because people started talking. The only way man could stop believing superstition was because people started talking science. Today, look at where we are. It tells you something, if you want to make a statement in the world today, you have to start talking but only the right words. Only the right words will ensure your relevance.

What are these right words? They are words of inspiration, wisdom, unity and love. A world that is inspired, walks in wisdom doing what is right per time and as such work as a unit in love. That is the dream and it’s starts by affecting our own immediate world with such words and then it spreads to the outside world. In the end, this is what the world should be about.

The impact we want to see is tied to the words we speak. Can your words turn a man’s heart from evil? Can your words inspire a man in the right direction? Do your words create respite or command respect? How much love exist in your words? This is what will live on even when you’re long gone. Truth is, however the world intends to evolve generations from now, words will always be significant. The world may invent several mediums but they all will require words [in writing or speech] to send a message.

Your idea could be what we change the world forever but when you keep quiet about it, no one is going to know it ever existed and the world will only go from bad to worse. In essence, our world is as a result of the words we speak or the words we don’t speak. Either way, it all bores down to words. So start speaking the right words today and together let’s make our world a better place. This is Danny world…

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