According to research, it is asserted that when employees are rewarded for their contributions to the organisation, they tend to motivated to do even more. Therefore, when there is no reward, there is no motivation. Question is, why did the employee take the job? What were his reasons for joining the organisation? Did he require a reward to take the job? Certainly not. So why does he need rewards to continue his job?

It means the organisation doesn’t owe an employee any reward except it was stated in a contract prior to employment. Clearly, priorities have been misplaced in the organisation as employees now see rewards as their only motivating factor to do their jobs which they’re being paid for. They now demand for rewards, raise and undeserved promotions rather than asking about the progress of the organisation which is the ultimate goal of the business.

Truly, when the purpose of a thing is not established, abuse is inevitable. Sometimes we must learn to ask ourselves, why did we start? When a man knows why he’s doing a thing, then his direction is established. For you to get to WHY, you need to know WHAT.

But for you to get HOW, you’ve got to know WHY. It’s a simple fact of life. When you can establish why you’re doing a thing, then you know how to go about it. If you were not rewarded to start, why must you be rewarded to continue?

It only means your reasons for taking on the course wasn’t clearly undefined. It’s only logical that a man’s reason should drive his focus. If reward is what will keep you going, then reward is why you started. Relating this to our everyday endeavours, why do we do what we do?

Is it because we want to be recognised or because we want to make a statement? Do you do it cause people say it’s good or because you know it’s good and the right thing to do? These are questions we must learn to ask ourselves at intervals for evaluation purposes.

In our world today, people are about EMINENCE rather than DILIGENCE. They want to be known and esteemed highly by men rather than being of service to people. They want men to cheer their NAME rather than their WORKS.

This is why an employee could work all night simply because he wants to win the employee of the year or earn a raise not because he truly wants the success of the organisation. This is why a politician will contest an election. It’s because he simply wants to gain the major popularity or votes as it were rather than serve people which is his core. The world is about the numbers rather than impact.

They say, if people can’t see it, then it doesn’t count. Today, diligent men have been relegated to the sidelines while the ones who do nothing are celebrated. An actor wants to be on every screen not because he wants to delight his audience but because he wants to be popular. That’s what the world talks about. How about the men behind the scenes?

Who talks about them? The producers, script writers, camera men, stage makers, costume and make-up persons, the technical crew, the sound men and the likes. Why are these guys not celebrated? Ever wondered what motivates them? It’s pretty simple, it’s what they do. The success of a movie is the success of everyone on set and that is their sole motivation.

It tells you one thing, it’s all about the team. What’s the point of being celebrated as the best actor when the movie was a failure in the box office? It tells that the qualities of each player must be harmonised to make a great team and to achieve success.

In the final analysis, stick to your guns. Do what you because you love it and want to get even better at it. You know why? It’s because today, you may be called “The Best” but tomorrow you fall down the pecking order and someone else picks up that same award. It means your aim shouldn’t be recognition but development.

Truth is, there is always something “Better” than “Best”. So why be “Best” when you can be “Better”? Go for better and keep reaching new heights. If reward is your motivation, you’ll keep looking for it. But when development is your motivation, people will find you. Think about that for a sec. This is Danny world…

4 thoughts on “THE NEW REWARD

  1. 3 things why dat is.
    1. Sense of importance.
    2. Entitlement mentality.
    3. Fear
    While ,i believe, the former can be tagged human nature and can be a good thing when manipulated properly, the latter is one of the worst habbits a person can posses.
    Too many people dont ask why they do something because deep in their subconscious they are scared.
    Scared of a lot of things but the most prominent fear is ‘accepting’ that they dont like what they are doing in the first place. Accepting that they made the wrong choice. So they see rewards as reason to keep going (which they call surviving these days).


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