It’s a big question a lot us have been asking for quite a while now. We’ve become so used to mums being more celebrated and appreciated than dads. Some would argue that since mothers carry babies in their womb for 9months, they should be celebrated. Others would argue that no man could go through labour room and come out the same because of the excruciating pain women experience in there. A lot would also say that mothers are housekeepers and babysitters and for that, they deserve to be celebrated. Question is, where do the dads come in here?

They say the dads are never around but the reason they are never around is because they’re busy ensuring the home is afloat. Who is more important? Who should be more celebrated? The one who takes care of the home OR the one who ensures there is a home to even take care of? Drop your comments on the blog today. Tell us what you think on hot topic today. This is Danny world…

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