There is a saying that goes “You do to others what you expect them to do to you.” There is also a saying that goes “One good turn deserves another.” For years, a lot of us have functioned with those words and so we try as much as possible to ensure we do the right thing or treat people rightly as it were, whatever the cost. People believe that when they show the right attitude toward the next person, that person by default, should return the favour. In other words, if I’m not giving the next person the right attitude, then I shouldn’t expect anything better. This is why a lot people go about doing good and being nice to people cause they expect the same treatment from others. The idea is that when you’re there for people, then people will always be there for you when you need them. Truth is, it’s only a quick sand.

It is also a believe that when you love someone, he/she is expected to love you back. The reason why we fall victims of such situations is because we fail to EVALUATE our PURPOSE for doing such a thing in the first place. We’ve gotta admit that HUMANS are UNPREDICTABLE and so you can never really KNOW for sure the THOUGHTS of the next person. The only person you do know is yourself. Life’s like biscuits, you never know where it’d crack. We must accept the reality that people fail. People fall short of our expectations. People you regard as kings and queens sometimes treat you as a servant. People you’re always there for, never show up when your back’s against the wall. People you give your hand only show their appreciation by cutting them off when they’re done using your hand as leverage.

When a man creates EXPECTATIONS, he’s BOUND to LIVE by them. But when a man creates EXPECTATIONS in people, he’s BOUND to FALL by them. The reason is, you’re as good as your next move not the next person’s move. We’ve all got different reasons why we do what we do but your ABILITY to EXAMINE your CHOICES makes you one STEP AHEAD all the time. Question is, how often do we evaluate our choices? How often do we evaluate the kind of people we do the right things for? Do they deserve the amount of time, care and love we show them? Do they deserve our trust? These are questions we must learn to ask ourselves. Trust is hard to come by and so if I must give it out, then he/she must be worth it.

Sometimes we trust people to do the right thing which is good when it towards the right people. But truth is, you can only TRUST YOU to do the RIGHT thing. Doing GOOD is GOOD but BAD things do HAPPEN to GOOD people. It means it’s never certain that you doing good, will bring good things or good people your way. It means being there for people never guarantees that people are gonna be there for you. Life’s not always vice versa. Sometimes one good turn doesn’t always deserve another. Fact is, if you ride with this notion of people being there for you, you’ll always get disappointed. In the end, disappointments are a part of life and disappointments lie in people. In essence, don’t expect people to return the favour. NEVER do it cause it’s HIM. DO it cause it’s YOU.

The reason why people get disappointed is because they feel people owe them. Whatever you do for someone shouldn’t be because you owe it to the person but because it’s the right thing to do. Doing GOOD is not an ACT but a LIFE. It means we shouldn’t just DO GOOD but BE GOOD. This way, you won’t be disappointed when the next person doesn’t return the favour. Don’t SEE it as a DUTY but an OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to show the next person that your deeds are not as a RESULT of your EXPECTATIONS from them but because it is WHO YOU ARE. In the end, you’re always in the driving seat. Question is, what kind of driver do you want to be? Give a HAND because giving a hand is WHAT you DO not because of what you STAND to GAIN when the person is on his FEET. Again, it’s who you are. This is Danny world….


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