Sometimes we go through the worst possible things in life which makes us doubt everything about who we are and where we are going. Sometimes we begin to doubt everything about life. We wonder if everything we ever learnt about life was lie. They say the biggest tussles of life brings out the worst in a man. Truth is, it could also bring out the best in that man. Pain could be excruciating. Pain could be devastating. Pain could be hurtful, tormenting, unpleasant and even fatal. This is because as humans we don’t have an unbreakable skin, head or heart and so feeling pain is inevitable.

But here’s the amazing thing about pain. It’s transient. Pain is a phase and like all phases, they always pass. They say what doesn’t kill a man makes him stronger. It may last for a while. Sometimes a day, week, a month, a year or even years. But ultimately, it will pass. Pain stops you from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Pain only knows suffering and tears. Pain takes away the joy of a man. But pain can only hurt the skin not the spirit or a man’s will. It is a phase which brings its UGLY events but only a FACADE that takes our EYES away from the IDEAL.

Pain can be turned into strength. It brings our endurance to test. It brings our degree of resilience to the table. It is at this point, we show our strength. The point where we show that daring instinct to keep the pain at bail and put our focus straight. As humans, we’ve all got that survival instinct to bounce back every time our backs are against the wall. Sometimes we fail to see that cause the pain takes that away from us. Pain isn’t always physical. It could be psychological, emotional or even spiritual. Truth is, PAIN never DEFINES you only DEFILES you.

We never know the extent our abilities until it’s being put to a test. Pain only gives you his picture. Question is, what happened to your picture? Sometimes asking ourselves this question put us back on track. The PAIN you’re FEELING is only for a MOMENT but REALISING the big picture is for LIFE. A boy injured his hands from cut by a sharp object. He never saw blood until some minutes later. When he saw the blood dripping, the pain came and he began to cry. It means when he didn’t see the blood, he was fine. It tells you that HOW much pain we FEEL is TIED to HOW we SEE it.

Sometimes we carry out actions because the pain wanted it which we always end up regretting. We regret cause it is not who we are but who the pain has made us to be. More often than not, the pain never GIVES us the CONCLUSION only HYPOTHESIS. We must understand pain is a phase and it’ll pass. Question is, when it ends, what damage would you have done to yourself by then? Would it have left its lasting scars cause of your actions or would it have made you stronger? PAIN brings about the RAIN and the STORMS but amidst the RAIN, we must REIGN. We can always WEATHER the STORM if we CHOOSE to. Turn it to POWER today. This is Danny world…

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