One day, a kid asked his uncle a question about someone he’s never seen but was always talked about. The boy believed his uncle was an adult and so he had answers to everything. Then he asked “Uncle, who is God?” His uncle wondered why the lad asked such a puzzler. Then his uncle asked “Why do you ask such boy?” Actually, the lad had a lot of questions.

So he said “I hear people talk about him all the time but I really never get to see him in person. Mum always says I should pray to him but I never get to see who I pray to. Mum says he always answers our prayers but he really replies. Mum says he loves little children but he doesn’t come play with me like you do. Why is that uncle?” he ended asking.

His uncle became even more puzzled than his nephew at this point. His uncle had the same questions just as the kid. He also didn’t understand why God acts the way he does. He’s also been disappointed at God for a while now cause he doesn’t seem to hear from him. Then he replied. “Kid, I’ve also got a lot of questions about God too. Maybe he doesn’t like to show himself to us or he just never shows up when we need him the most.”

The boy ended up even more confused than when he didn’t ask. Sometimes we’re like that little boy. Research has shown that humans believe what they see than what they don’t. It means if I can’t see it, then it almost doesn’t exist to me. This is why a lot us have got so much questions about God. An atheist doesn’t believe in God because he feels he can’t believe in something he can’t see or hold.

Sometimes we forget who God is and how he operates. We are all children of God as it were and as long as we remain children, we will always act like one even in the faith. It means we are like that little boy who still believes God should come play with him if he loves him. A child does not understand that God’s ways are not our ways neither are his thoughts. You’d ask, how do you make him understand? Well, the truth is, he’s never going to understand until he stops being a child.

A man will always function as a kid as long as he refuses to grow in his thoughts. It tells you that maturity is not in how old but how far you’ve come to know. It does apply in our dealings with spiritual things. You may have been a Christian for years and still function as a child in the faith when you’ve refused to grow your spirit to a realm where you can relate with the spiritual. It tells you that you may be like that uncle who still didn’t know the person of God. In spite of his age, he thought like the boy.

God always hears us. God always speaks to us. Question is, do we listen? By nature, you should hear him speak to your ears but by the spirit, he speaks to our spirit which connects with our hearts. So don’t strain your ears to hear him speak, strain your spirit to hear him talk. You’d ask, how does he speak to us? There is no one way to hear from God. It could be through dreams, visions, events or even people around us.

The man with a mature spirit has grown to a level where even when he doesn’t hear from God, he understands his person knowing he’ll always fulfil his word. You can’t act like humans with God and expect spiritual results. Perhaps it’s true that they are mysteries. Perhaps we all do grow everyday. Perhaps we may never understand his ways but loyalty is trusting the master’s orders even when they seem abstract. Perhaps that’s why it’s called faith. Maybe that’s what being a Christian is all about. There is so much we all don’t know but we must be humble enough to pick few lessons at every point in time. This is Danny world….

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