They say the last person you wanna lie to in the world is yourself. You’d ask why? I’ll tell you why. It’s because telling yourself a lie only makes you a fool. The lie comes from your thoughts and your thoughts comes from your heart and the words come from your mouth which then defines you. So here’s the thing, why tell yourself what you already know? Why repeat the same process you started? The truth is, we can’t hide from our own shadows. We can’t run from who we are no matter how hard we try. We can’t act likes doves when we’re really snakes.

Everyday, we go about our normal activities acting normal like everyone else. We go to work, send our kids to school, the kids go about their school work, you go about your work, your wife goes about hers and come back at night to crash at home and then go about the same routine the next day and the next. We do that every single day meeting people who do the same thing and so we all assume everything is normal. Everyone is who they really say or act they are. But that ain’t the truth.

The truth is, we all think differently. The world thinks differently. The normal life you see around and assume that’s life or that’s who people are is just a facade. It ain’t the real deal and we know it. What puts you to sleep at night? What bothers your heart all the time? Why tell yourself it’s okay and do nothing about it? You know everything is not alright. We say everything is all good whereas we’re actually struggling. You tell her you love her and you know you don’t yet you tell her anyway. You’re in pain but you smile like you’re in luxury and the pain keeps killing you. Someone once said that life ain’t sunshine and rainbow. You know why? It’s because it’s the truth. It ain’t a fairytale.

Sometimes there are no happy endings. Lives could be gone at any moment. You’re scared of your future but you say it’s alright even when you know it ain’t the truth. It’s not alright. Maybe sometimes we should learn to come out of our “It’s all good zone” and admit it to ourselves certain realities. Sometimes we have doubts about where we’re going wondering if we are ever gonna get there and it scares us. But we don’t wanna admit it because we wanna stay positive. I’ll tell what. Sometimes staying positive ain’t enough but doing what is needed produce positives. And this can only happen when we admit to telling ourselves the truth.

You can tell the world it’s okay but don’t tell yourself what’s not. When you tell yourself this situation ain’t good then it leads you to the next question which is, what do I do about it? And then you can begin to think of possible ways out of that hole which means you’re making progress getting to the bottom of things. But when you tell yourself it’s alright and there is no problem then you begin to believe it’s alright telling yourself an obvious lie and you really never get to do anything about it cause it’s okay.

Question is, how long will that last? How long will you continue to live like that? How long will you keep lying to yourself? How long will you sit there and do nothing about it? The more you try to run from it the more it catches up with you. It ain’t gonna go away when you shy away from it. Sometimes we pray too hard for things God has given us the power to handle ourselves.

This has also affected issues of the heart. She’s the only one you think about when you wake up in the morning and her thought puts you to sleep at night and yet you say you don’t love her. You become dysfunctional when she’s not around you and hyperactive when you set your eyes on her and yet you say you feel nothing for her. Her charming smiles glows your heart and the soothing words from her lips gladdens your ears and yet you tell yourself she don’t exist. You say it’s alright and lie to yourself like nothing is going on.

Question is, how long? How long will you keep running from the desires of your heart? How long will you keep lying to yourself that it doesn’t exist? The truth is, not for long. It’s gonna come out one way or another. The truth comes from the heart no matter how hard we try to condition our minds not to believe it. We don’t make our truth cause it is what it is. The truth can never be denied no matter how long it takes. Only cowards run away from the truth. Why don’t you be brave? Tell yourself the truth today. This is Danny world…

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