According to the Vanguard this morning, members of the house of representatives and senators have threatened to impeach president Buhari. Since he assumed office in May 2015, the president’s administration has been rocked with so much irregularities and controversial policies. His administration has been dampened by unprecedented inflation precisely in the price of fuel which rose to N145 per litre. Also, they’ve been allegations from the members of the house about president Buhari not appearing before the house and that has stirred a lot of controversy. Some Nigerians have complained that this administration has been rocked with nothing but failed promises for change. There has also been a lot of allegations against the president from the house even in his involvement in the Saraki’s saga.

But the question for today is, what do you guys think? Do you think Buhari has done anything wrong to deserve an impeachment by the house? Or do you think members of the house have a personal vendetta against the president? Share your thoughts right here on Danny world. You’re welcome to Danny world. Let’s talk.

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