In our world today, there are three very important words which has led to a lot of enmity and animosity among humans when these words are not used. But these same words, has also pacified and evaded a lot of troubles in our world today when used by humans. “Please” appeals to the heart requesting permission politely. “Thanks” appreciates a gesture commending one for the job done. “Sorry” apologises to one who has been wronged showing regrets on the part of the offender. As little as these words, they go a long way in creating problems and solving or avoiding those problems as it were. The focus today will be on a thankful heart. Now you might wanna ask, why should I be thankful? Is it really necessary? Does it really change anything?

The importance of the words “Thank you” cannot be over-flogged. It means you’re grateful for what’s been done for you. It means you’re grateful for what you have and hopeful that better things will come your way. It means you’re also grateful for where God has placed you and you know it can only get better. You wonder why people become wealthy and forget who brought wealth their way. You wonder why rich folks forsake the importance of prayers because they feel they’ve got nothing to pray about. It’s all because they lack a thankful heart. A grateful heart is a fruitful life. A man that is grateful can only progress. The fact that we’re surrounded by people doesn’t make it a right but a privilege which shouldn’t be abused.

Sometimes we think what this person actually did was infinitesimal but he helped you when you needed it the most. If you do not appreciate the little things you may never appreciate the big things in life. Sometimes we complain about how life’s been really difficult for us. We lament about how our lives are compared to others who seem to be really living the good life. Sometimes we become envious of their kind of life and question our creator about why we’re still where we are. A thankful heart is not comfortable with where he is in life but grateful he’s alive with hope for better days. A thankful heart appreciates that his life’s not the best but knows the best is still to come out of life. A thankful heart appreciates where he is in life and those who has placed him there. A man that is grateful never forgets where he’s coming from and never loses sight of where he’s going.

James has a car and wished he had a private jet like Jones. James really doesn’t appreciate that he’s driving a 2015 model Mercedes. He feels he would have been better off with a private jet to fly around the world when he deems fit just like Jones. Perhaps if James knew how much John esteems his Mercedes, he would be grateful for what he’s been blessed with. John rides a bike wherever he goes and he’s grateful he could afford a bike. James however, doesn’t know that a lot of people crave for what he has today. Question is, how about those who can’t walk? Those who wished they could walk around like every other normal person. Don’t you think they would love to drive cars or ride bikes as well? It’s a thing of two different lives. What you’re not thankful for is what another person is ever wishful for. What you feel is nothing is everything to the next person. It’s what they live for. Perhaps if we took time to look at the living condition of other people, we’d learn to appreciate God for what we have.

Let’s analyse this for a moment. Take a look at yourself. You’re not the richest person on earth but you’re alive and healthy. What hope does the person in the grave or the dying cancer patient at the hospital has? Why can’t you be grateful for that? You feel being healthy is a right but it really isn’t. It’s a privilege. It means it should be valued. Take another look at yourself. You’re not the richest person on earth but you can afford to eat twice a day. What hope does that man who hasn’t eaten for a week has? A man who survives on water and fruits he could pick up from the ground cause he couldn’t afford a meal for himself. Don’t you think he would love to eat twice a day too? I guess the word you’re looking for is IRONIC. You feel writing or washing is terrible because you have hands. How about those who don’t have hands? They crave to be able to write or wash like you.

I tell you what. Being thankful is not being mediocre but joyful for what’s in hand and grateful for what’s to come. Sometimes we need to adjust our minds a bit to appreciate the little things so it becomes easy for us to appreciate the big things. Sometimes we only need to appreciate the thought not necessarily the act. That way, you appreciate people even better. The truth is, you can never be so satisfied in life not to need more. Like I’d always say,

“You’re not the worst in the world neither are you the best. There is always somebody worse off and people better off than you are so be grateful.”

We can’t have everything we crave for in life but we’re glad we’ve got life. Maybe it’s the best gift God could ever had given humanity. I guess what I’m saying is, be thankful at every point in life cause it could have been worse. Yesterday is gone, today is a gift and tomorrow is a promise. Forget about what you couldn’t achieve yesterday, be grateful and make the best out of today and hold tomorrow’s promise by it’s word that it’s gonna be better. Appreciation is key to multiplication. This is Danny world…

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