A wonderful evening to y’all and you’re welcome to hot topic on Danny world. Today, we’re gonna be looking at two very misleading terms which has led to a lot of emotional mishap when misinterpreted. I believe one way or the other, we would have felt some level of affection towards someone in our life. Some people say it’s LOVE. Others say it’s an INFATUATION. Some have said that people don’t really love but infatuate for a while and then that person doesn’t just matter anymore. Some have even said that love doesn’t exist in the real world. They say it’s just an imagery. Some have also argued that love and infatuation are basically the same. Some say one leads to the other. What do you think? Could one really be infatuated with someone and call it love? Or perhaps it’s the other way round? Do you agree with those who say love is non-existent? What is the difference? Or perhaps there is no difference at all? Tells us what you think right here on Danny world.

Drop your thoughts on the comment box. And perhaps you have a personal experience you wanna share to elucidate your point, feel free to share with us as well. It’s an opinion poll right here. Tell us what these words mean to you. You’re welcome to Danny world. Let’s talk!


  1. Love ain a feeling or strong affection…it goes beyond DAT. Love is a decision…because it involves u making up your mind to accept whatever d person do or say, and only praying d person has a change of heart in DAT thing u don’t like about d person. U meet people DAT are better, cuter, more brilliant and smarter Dan DAT girl or boy, but u av decided to still stick to him or her. Love is not blind, as many say, just DAT Love enables you to close an eye to those flaws and shortcomings.
    U can’t really understand what love is until you know who God is, and what he means to us, His creations! U know why..because this Love we are talking about is God himself!


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