Sometimes we get so attached to some people we feel we can never let them go. Sometimes you want to build your life around such people who tend to be dear to your heart. But here’s what nobody tells you. They say ‘no condition is permanent.’ Well, so are people in our lives. People will come into our lives but never expect all of them to stay. You might have pictured your whole future with this person or persons but in the end, you find out that this person you actually thought you had a future with really doesn’t exist in your future. You wonder why you see friendships that lasted more than a decade go down the drain in seconds? It’s because people are unpredictable no matter how long you think you’ve come to know them. It really does take a lifetime to know someone. If we all had the ability to see the future, I believe we would detach ourselves from some people because they might never contribute or even be in your future. At times, those who we seem not to place so much value on, tend to be our true friends as against those we presume to be our buddies for life.

Sometimes we assume we’re very close to some people and so there are certain things you do and don’t expect from them. But here’s the alarming clause. They will not always do what you expect from them. Let’s do a little back casting. Your best friend from elementary school is not in your life anymore neither is your best friend from high school. But at that time, you did thing you guys were going to be best buddies for life and you must have made plans together. Plans you always thought were feasible regardless of the contradicting factors. Some of your friends became distant from you. Some of them became strangers. Some you don’t even know anymore. While a few still contact you once in a blue moon. You felt disappointed because you expected so much from that friendship but at the end of the day it amounted to little. The person you thought you knew you never really knew and now you just doubt people. Why is that? It’s because the only person or thought constant apart from family is you. Others can only add to it. At the moment, you may have another buddy and you may be doing the same thing you did with the others which is planning your life around them. Trust me, you’ll keep making the same mistake over and over again.

This has also affected a lot of relationships where a partner becomes overly irritated when the other partner doesn’t do what is expected. It creates a lot of problems and at the end of the day a break up is imminent. A lady could plan her whole life around a guy who has never told you for once that he loves you or is even willing to spend the rest of his life with you. In the end, people are in our lives for different reasons and sometimes when they don’t see that reason to stay with you, they eventually leave. If someone really wants to be with you then the only reason there should be is for love. They should stay with you because they want to stay with you not because they need to stay with you. Now for that to happen, you also have to make an effort to want to keep them for the same reason. If I’m with Jane because she spends a lot on her friends. It means when all that cash is gone then I’m gone as well. Ask yourself today. Why are these set of people in my life? Once you can answer that question then you know what to expect from them at some point. In the final analysis, let people into your lives but never build your whole life around them until you’re certain that person does the same. It’s give and take. This is Danny world…

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