In the latest update from the Lamar Odom’s excess drug intake which led him to a severe coma for the past 3 days at the Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas. Reports from Entertainment tonight and the NY times this morning says the former Lakers star had a successful kidney failure dialysis. Lamar Odom ingested a dangerous mix of sexual stimulants, cocaine and alcohol, officials say. This was believed to be a suicide attempt.

As at Thursday morning, TMZ reported that the athlete had shown no sign of improvement as the prognosis worsened. That changed later in the day. His kids from his ex-wife has been with their father at the Sunrise hospital since the incidence. The Kardashians has been very much supportive of the NBA champ as Kim, Kris, Kylie, Kourtney and particularly his wife Klhoé who seem to be making all the medical decisions at the moment. Legally, their divorce has not been finalised. In a statement by the New York Times they say

“Odom racked up a $75,000 tab during the weekend sex and drugs brothel binge that’s left him comatose for days, while the father of his late childhood friend said the depressed ex-Lakers hoopster had “a death wish.”

Reports of Odom’s largesse during his hard-partying stay with two hookers at the Love Ranch Vegas emerged in contrast with the most encouraging news since the two-time NBA champ was found near death two days earlier.

The 35-year-old patient squeezed his sister-in-law Kim Kardashian’s hand as she kept a grim bedside vigil with other family members in a Las Vegas hospital, according to “Entertainment Tonight.”

Reports say, Lamar Odom might be charged for a suicide attempt. The 35 year old NBA champ is on life support after a 3-day drug binge at brothel. In the latest from the NY daily times they say

“Odom, who married Kim’s sister Khloé in 2009, also fluttered his eyelids Thursday after undergoing a successful dialysis treatment for kidney failure likely brought on by drug abuse, a source told the Daily News.” TMZ also reported that Odom had an $800-a-day crack habit. The NBA champ was found choking on his own mucus before he rushed to the hospital.

Sources from the Love Ranch in Vegas indicated Odom had ingested a cornucopia of drugs during his stay, with witnesses at the ranch confirming Odom was drinking cognac in his suite and using cocaine before arriving. The star forward reportedly had “every drug imaginable” in his system when he arrived at the hospital.

Amidst all these reports, Lamar is in a critical condition but the doctors are hanging on to the little improvements shown by the athlete. Realistically, Odom has a 50/50 chance of surviving but the doctors are indeed hopeful. From all of us at Danny world, we are wishing Lamar Odom a speedy recovery. Stay glued to as we bring you the latest on Odom’s coma situation. This is Danny world.

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