Sometimes we all want to try out adventures regardless of the risk involved. The truth is, sometimes we get caught up in those adventures and really never come out of it. Now you’d ask, why get into a canoe without a paddle? Why tread the path of a lion when you don’t even have the speed of a cheetah? Why dive into the pool when you can’t swim? Why be in relationships rather than a relationship? Ever wondered why you can’t eat it up your food all at once? It’s because you’ll only gonna end up choking yourself to death. So you take it one bite at a time. This is how a relationship should be. Now if l love someone, I must be able to translate that in everything that concerns that person. A guy tells you he loves you and then the next day he’s telling another lady the same thing. Now he keeps telling you how important you are to him and how you’re the only woman in his life. To you, he’s the perfect guy you’ve always wanted but to him, you’re just another girl on his checklist.

Sometimes we can’t always have what we want in life. We can’t have everything we feel like it’s good for us. You can’t just have three men when you only love one or none of them at all. Double dating is keeping more than one relationship. It’s having a taste of royalty and now you wanna take the kingdom. Love is only shared between two people not among persons. Why lead him on when you’re only gonna drop him off at the end? Why fake something so real when you’re only gonna break her heart? For some, it’s the sex. For some, it’s the cash. For some, it’s for the fame. For some, they feel being with just one person is a cage. For some, it’s for the bragging rights among friends. For some, they just do it simply because they want to be tagged “SHARP GUY OR SHARP GIRL” by like minds. While for some, they just wanna have fun and feel what it’s like to be in control. It tells you one thing, you only take pleasure in hurting people. You mess with her heart and leave her broken. You seem to promise her everything when you’re gonna leave her with nothing.

You say you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket? I say take out the basket and throw away the eggs cause maybe the basket isn’t relevant. If the basket was important to you, you would trust that basket to take all the eggs. Your problem is trust in love. You don’t think one guy is good enough so you add another to him and another and another until each one provides what you want from them. There is a saying that goes “The bigger the challenge the bigger the problem.” Some say one is good so why not take on two? It’s not because you’re the man and you’re tough enough. It’s because you always think that’s what makes you a tough guy when you’re only playing stupid(lacking intelligence). Your actions in her presence and absence only shows how much you value her. Why tell him he’s not alone in this when you only want to have his money? Why tell her you love her when actually you love her pants? Why lie to him because you were once got jilted by a guy before? It’s all deceit.

You say “Oh John broke my heart and so every other guy is gonna pay his sins. All men are the same.” Question is, did every other guy break your heart? Is every other guy John? Where they present when John broke your heart? Yeah I thought so too. Sometimes we tend to pass the blame on others for our own problems. John broke your heart doesn’t mean James shouldn’t get a chance to pick it all up. The truth is, we can’t always have it all as humans. You can’t just hurt people because you wanna feel complete or fulfilled. “Oh Cynthia took away my trust so neither Stella nor any other woman will ever have my trust.” Come on man, Stella didn’t steal your trust. Cynthia did. So why punish her? A relationship is built on trust with a secret ingredient called love. Once there is no trust then the ship sails no further. On a final note, never hurt a man’s emotion cause that’s the only thing that keeps him in motion. Don’t try to rush it all up less you get choked. Love and cherish that one person that makes you sparkle every time. It’s one life, one love and certainly one relationship at a time. This is Danny world…

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