People come in and out of our lives. Some stay back while some leave us and never come back. As humans, we meet a lot of people in our lives who tend to make or mal us. We meet the good, the bad and the ugly but they are all people with the same features as you are. For most people, they make friends with good people and let go of the ‘so called’ bad people in their lives just because that person doesn’t look right to them. Question is, what is right to you? What makes you think that person you tagged ‘BAD’ isn’t even better than you are? But you never got to really know or even care to reach out to this person. So you just felt he/she wasn’t a good person. They say the good always win but how good can good be if evil is non-existent? How long will good people continue to neglect the tagged ‘bad people’ and let them to worsen? When you have the chance to affect lives positively, do it with all your heart. Never give up on that man who has been tagged ‘bad’ and make that impact that could just be life changing. Never fail to tell a man what will make him better.

Tell that man what will profit him right now cause you may never get the chance to tell him later. If you keep leaving him to do whatever he feels is right, he may never get to know what is right cause you never changed that man’s mindset. Life’s too short to procrastinate cause your next time could just be your last time. Spill the beans while that man is still alive cause you never get to choose what happens the next second. If you let a man continue with his ignorance and never do anything to give him a right mindset, that man may just die with that ignorance because you hesitated. He might be stubborn, insistent, unmoved or even violent towards truth but never give up on him. Don’t stop telling him. Don’t stop feeding him with the right mindset to go about life. You may never appreciate what I’m telling you right now until you lose someone you had the chance of showing the light. This is a wake up call. This is Danny world…

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