Congratulations to Imhansoloeva Ose who becomes Danny world’s pic of the week this week. The gorgeously dressed Ose brought it home with her colourful outfit and dazzling beauty. The judges rated her picture a 4.26 out of a 5.0. The closest to this was a 3.85. She rocked a nice red gown, a light face make up with a pink lipstick, a nice gold wrist watch and her black long hair all on a nice white background. A quality picture no doubt and certainly worthy of being Danny world’s pic of the week. Imhansoloeva Ose will now be the face of Danny world’s publication this month. Some details about Ose you might wanna know;
Name: Imhansoloeva Louisa Ose
Nickname: Sewe
Hobbies: listening to music, reading novels, traveling
Instagram handle:@ sewe _eva
School:University of Benin
Level: 200
Fav. Meal: plantain and egg
Fav. Quote: Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday…Let it go.

This is Danny world.

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