Some say winning competitions doesn’t make you the best but my question is what then is? If winning competitions doesn’t make you the best in whatever you’re doing then how best can we rate your performance? Competition is a contest among many to acknowledge the best. Everyone of us has got something special in us that the world needs to see. We all have our strengths where we are most dominant almost perfect. God has given each and everyone of us talents that needs to be tapped and thrown out to the world. The question is how many of us using that gift? How else can you better showcase that gift to the world if not through competition.

If I don’t compete then I’m only the best to myself not the world. If I’m not recognised as the best then how then can I prove them wrong? It’s all through competition. You’re the best at what you do but certainly not the best among the rest. Of what good is a gift pack if it’s never opened? Of what good is a car if it’s never driven? Usain Bolt wouldn’t be where he is today if he always said ‘I’m the best’ without proving it to the world. Competition is the only step towards recognition. You were not given that talent to use alone but given to help others.

Maybe if Lionel Messi had said ‘I’m the best player in the world’ but he never kicked a ball perhaps today we would have been talking of someone else as the best player in the world. Michael Jackson remains arguably the best dancer the world had ever seen but we only know that today cause he came out to show us what he had in him. We all have similar talents but certainly unique in our own way. It is that uniqueness that stands us out from the others. Your uniqueness might just be the one the world is waiting for but the world might just be waiting vain cause you chose not to come out.

Some people can sing but only few really can sing. Everyone on the pitch plays football but only few really can play football. Over the years, Roger Federer has been known as arguably the best tennis player in his generation going by the number of grandslams he’s won. This only happened when he competed. A girl was really a good singer but she never wanted to compete cause she was satisfied with singing in her bathroom. One day, her mom called her to come watch a singing competition on television. The girl on television sang so well the crowd gave her a standing ovation. Then the girl said ‘I could do way better than that mom’ then her mom answered ‘Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. You would be out there’.

She made the bathroom her stage and forgot the real stage was out there waiting for her to rise to the occasion. Adele is only known as the best singer today because you never came out. Of what good is your good if it’s only good to you? Never be afraid to compete cause it only makes you better. Bring it out today and let the world know indeed you’re the best at what you do. You might just be the one the world wants to see so go out there and show it to them. This is Danny world…

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