Sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan. Sometimes life taunts us so bad we feel like giving up. Sometimes the closest people to us disappoint us. Sometimes our biggest assets become liabilities to us. Sometimes we even think God doesn’t really care about us. Sometimes we doubt ourselves cause we feel we just simply can’t do it. Sometimes we feel we’re not given enough credit for the positive steps we take. But there is one thing you must never do which is to lose focus. When you have a focus in life, then every other thing should be secondary. What is focus? Focus is a fixed gaze on a chosen path. If I have decided this is where I want to go and where I want to be, then I must follow that path. Indeed, the mind will say things to you so you lose focus, people will try to talk you down, trials and tough times will try to wear you out completely, disappointments will occur or you may doubt yourself thinking ‘perhaps I’m not just made for this.’ But the only thing which you must always remember is your chosen path in life. Nothing good comes easy cause then if it was easy then it will be worth nothing.

Do you want to make an impact or keep doubting on your part? Success in life was not achieved by those who focused on their weaknesses but by those we focused on their greatest strengths. Those who focused on their speed not their limits cause actually there are no limits to what you can do. Like I said, nothing good comes easy cause then if it was easy then it will be worth nothing. Perhaps you’re having a torrid time dealing with issues that distract your focus, I’m here to remind you never to lose focus cause where you’re heading is greater than where you’re heading from. Success has many friends so people don’t care about you when you have nothing but that changes when you have something. So don’t lose the faith because of your greater fate. This is Danny world!

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