Growing up as a kid, I thought my parents hated me cause I felt they were always on my case. Every rule in the house had to be obeyed to the latter less you feel the wrath of either mum or dad’s anger. Parents, especially in these parts of the world, feel a child is best corrected when punished for his/her actions. To some extent, I would agree to that. Now as a child you’re bound by the rules of your parents. If the rule says ‘don’t go out’ it means you’re not to go out. If the rules says ‘don’t take food from anyone’ it means you shouldn’t take food from anyone apart from them of course. Whatever the rule is you must comply and failure to do so you get flogged in my case brutally. Sometimes they come with those long sermons about morals and stuffs I really didn’t where they got them from. Then your mum is like ‘Oh you need to be good, don’t follow bad gang…’ and then you’re like ‘here we go again’ trust me I always didn’t want to hear those long talks cause as a kid then I just wanted to have fun. But somehow I always ended up listening to them. Parents never get tired of talking to us, parents will always talk, parents will always be protective of us, parents will always see you as a child even when you’re 30. I guess that’s why they are called parents. The lessons our parents teach us today is what we need to survive tomorrow. Parents want the best for us sometimes they want you to be even better than them. I may not have liked those lessons or canes as a kid but look what it made me today. I may not have loved those long sermons as a kid but look how I turned out to be.

I remember as a kid my mum would always say ‘boy these things I’m telling you when you grow up you would thank me..’ trust me anytime she said that my head boiled even more. But today I am thanking her for those lessons. As a kid you never see beyond the now but as an adult you tend to know better. Everyone of us were lied to by our parents as kids when it came to how babies are made? But then it protected us from sexual related issues at least until were old enough to know what sex was all about. Now I’m an adult but I always say to myself what if I never had those lessons? What would have become of me? I’m sure you ask the same question too. Ask yourself today, did my parents do a good job on me? Or did I not just listen to those lessons?
This is Danny world…

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