Life is really not about those things that makes us fall but those things that keeps us standing. Life is not about those moments that brings sadness but those moments that makes us happy. Life is really not about those moments you fail to seize the day but about those moments that really counts. Life may be tough but you’re tough enough to go through life’s rough turf and come out victorious. Life may never really hand you everything in a platter of gold but you also don’t get to hand everything in a platter of gold to life and you know how you do that? By not giving life the chance to bring you down then you make things difficult for life too. Someone once said that ‘Life is fair because it’s unfair to everyone’ life could be unfair but how well are you willing to turn the tables around in your favour? It may not be all rosy now but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The question is are you willing to get to that light? Sometimes you get so frustrated you don’t even think anything it’s gonna work out for you like the whole world is crashing down on you and you feel you can’t pick up yourself. Look up to the heavens and pray for his strength cause he’s always close to us and will comfort us when we are broken hearted. Trust me when I say this, he can’t fail and as far as he can’t fail you can’t fail in life. We were created to be above the trials of life and so if you let life trials rule over you then it means you don’t know your rights. When there is life there is hope and that hope is what keeps us going. The question is how much of that hope are you willing to hold on to? They are only tantrums to shake you not to destroy you. This is Danny world…

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