Kelechi is the name and this is my story. Before now, I was someone who always wanted to have his way at every given time especially when it came to women. While in school, I had a girlfriend who I loved so much someone I even had plans of getting married to in the future. The relationship was going on smoothly for months without problems. Then it got to a point I felt like we should take it a notch higher. I wanted to have my way again with her. Then I told her I wanted more from the relationship. At that point in the relationship, there was no sex or anything of sorts and I wanted that in my woman. So I decided to confront her with that. I told her I wanted us to spark up the relationship a little. She didn’t take it well at first but after much persuasion she agreed. And then it happened we had sex and it was the best I ever had. Months later she complained of stomach pains, weakness and other stuffs I couldn’t understand. So I took her to the hospital and after some series of tests on her, it was discovered that she was pregnant. I was perplexed at that point couldn’t say a word as thoughts were flying in my head. This was where my life took a massive turn.

After so much thoughts, I said to myself ‘this wasn’t what I planned but since it has turned out this way I was gonna go through it’ so I decided that my girlfriend was gonna have that child. I loved her so much and I didn’t want to leave her because of this. I wanted to be with her all through this phase of her life. So she had the baby after nine months and she was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. The day she was born was the happiest day in my life. Her parents knew about us and they were happy about how it all turned out eventually they had a grandchild at least that was what I thought. One day, I came home and I met my baby crying in room and I quickly rushed and placed her on my shoulders. My baby was alone. Then I found a note on the table so I opened and read it. It was the shock of my life. It was a note from my girlfriend saying she had left for Canada and that her parents actually funded the trip. She had abandoned me and my baby. I’ve not seen or heard from her ever since….

Kelechi is now a single dad who has a five year old daughter called Harriet. Now you’ve read the story, I want to know what you make up out of the whole story? What do you make up of Kelechi’s story? You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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