Let’s deal with what a society is first. A society is a group of people with common territory, interaction and culture. A man is just one person while a society is a group of persons. Now my question is, does that group of persons (society) makes that one person (man) or does that one person (man) make up a group of persons (society)? Now a society has a particular way of doing things (culture) and when a man is born into that society automatically he’s born into that culture. My question is, does that culture makes a man who he is? At the same time, if men were not born will there be a society? Hmmm…I wanna know what you guys think about this one. Who makes who? Does society makes a man or does man make a society? Share your thoughts right here. Let’s all share our views on Danny world today.

2 thoughts on “DOES SOCIETY MAKES A MAN?

  1. To me I think a mutual relationship exist between a person and his or her society that is to say we either make or mar our society and our society also make or mar us.In d society there exist bad and good attitude and behaviours it is left for us to learn d good ones so dat we too can in turn contribute positively to the society its only virtues dat can advance d society and individuals and nt vices.


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