Two big firms had the same idea about improving their revenue and so they both wanted to make the idea a reality. After three months, the first company made a total revenue of $500, 000 while the second firm had a reduction in sales as customers patronised the first company’s product more. The company eventually made a loss of $350, 000. Now you ask, what made both firms different? I’ll tell you in a bit. The truth is, dreams will only remain dreams when reality is not applied. The difference between both firms was that one firm had the desire while the other had the application. An idea will only remain a desire when we fail to act on those desires. If I keep on saying it and really never do anything about it, it still remains an idea. A thought becomes an idea which becomes a concept and by constant practice becomes a norm. It’s about having a goal and doing everything to bring it to materialisation.

Ever wondered why our government keep failing us? It’s because they lack application of those desires they had in their minds to achieve when they get into office. To the people, it’s become a norm that politicians will always lie to get power and forget us after that. It’s given the people a mindset that politicians will always promise and never get to fulfil their promise. It means whatever a man does overtime becomes a norm not just to him but to people around him. The government have failed to set up strategies in place achieve those dreams they had for the people before they got into power. They have succeeded in giving the people a wrong idea about them instead of the right mindset if only they would apply those things they have said. The real deal is always application not desires cause desires profits nothing until a force is applied.

I always say ‘talks are not works’ and a man who keeps talking and really never does anything is only a hindrance to himself. A woman can always say ‘Oh I would love to be a star one day addressing a crowd like Wendy Williams.’ remains a desire until you step out to make it happen. A man said that ‘a plan is different from a wish’ because a wish says dream a plan says reality. Josh keeps saying he likes Steph but Steph never heard it from Josh until Sam asked her out. You love someone and you don’t make your intentions to known to that person, remains only a desire. Until love is applied, it remains a desire in your heart cause saying it to that person is an act of love. It’s time to stop wishful thinking and start really doing. Comply to those desires only then can you begin to apply them. This is Danny world…

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