They say running away only makes you a coward. They say hiding only makes you even more exposed. They also say you can’t hide for forever cause someday it will surface itself. This is how it is with emotions too. The difference is with emotions it hurts more deeply on the inside. Now you beat up a child so bad he should be crying out but the child doesn’t cry he just keeps it on the inside with his eyes all red you know he wants to cry but the tears won’t just come out. With emotions you’re all choked up inside and on the outside you seem all good. Sometimes feelings are meant to be expressed so you can be free on the inside and outside. Now I love someone or I feel this way towards this person but I don’t want to tell him or her. For the guys, they don’t want to appear weak while for the ladies, they don’t want to appear cheap. Now one question how long can you keep doing this? Trust me it won’t last long instead someone else comes in take him/her away from you and you’re left on the sidelines. These days the patient dog doesn’t eat the fattest bone they don’t even get a bone at all. These days the patient dog die of hunger. Like I always say, to impress you have to express. Now you like someone express what you feel then you can impress that someone. If he/she is not impressed then that person doesn’t deserve you but then you’re free.
Sometimes in a relationship, you don’t even have to show you love your partner it just reflects even though sometimes you need to show it. This is why your partner understands or knows when you’re not all good. Sometimes you don’t even have to say a word he/she just reads you easily. Sometimes the feelings easily hidden are the most visible. Hidden feelings eats you up on the inside so why hide it. It’s one thing to hide but it’s another to keep hiding. So what’s it gonna be? Are you gonna keep hiding what eats you up or showing what makes you free? It’s your call… This is Danny world and you’re welcome.

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