Good day guys and you’re welcome to Danny world. Now today on the show we’re gonna be looking at a very interesting story one which I’m sure you’re gonna have a lot to say about it. I caught up with this story some days back and I wanted to know what you guys think about it. This is a story of a woman whose husband changed completely immediately they got married. She narrates her story to us right here on Danny world. Here is what she had to say.

‘My name is Susan and I have been married for six months now but my marriage is in shreds. Before I got married I was working as a staff in a big organization in the country earning quite a lot there. I had a boyfriend who was very supportive of my job very caring and understanding young man who I really loved. He was also working in a big firm at that time. The relationship went on for about a year and we had little or no issues in our relationship. Sometimes he would take me out for lunch, go out for dinner, visit the cinema watch a movie…it was just beautiful. Then he popped the question in the most romantic fashion and I was so excited and I said yes to him I agreed to marry him. So we started making plans for the wedding. We fixed a date, cards, rings, the gown and all other arrangements. My parents and his gave us their blessings…it was all set. The wedding was a success and now we were married. A month after we got married was when my marriage took a different turn. This was where it all started.

My husband changed completely. He was no longer the loving and understanding boyfriend I knew some months back. My husband became unruly, started keeping late nights and now a drunk. My husband became a complete drunk. He was defiant and anytime I tried to confront him about his drinking habit he would always get defensive and one time he raised his hands and said he was gonna hit me the next time I ask him about his drinking habit. I became a complete stranger in my own home. Our sex life was suffering at this point…it was a mess. Every night it became a routine for me. He comes back from work drunk. Right now I’m really tired cause this wasn’t what I bargained for. A man who wasn’t a drunk before we got married has suddenly picked up the habit. At this point I’m confused. How did I get here? I really don’t know how to fix this problem…’

Wow Hmmmm….I’m getting emotional myself. I feel really bad for Susan right now and how her marriage has turned out. Now before I throw this to you guys to have a go at today, let me give a little contribution to this. Now I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel here. I think Susan has been asking the wrong question. She has been asking how they got here? Instead of why did he start drinking? Now from story she narrated, he wasn’t a drunk before they got married so why now? It means there must be a reason why he’s drinking. Something must have transpired which only he knows which he’s not telling the wife. This could be his way of acting out and Susan is not seeing it cause she’s busy asking how he just changed suddenly. Now I’m not justifying the man’s actions here I’m saying there is an unraveled mystery and until that is found this marriage of six months may just come to an end. Now Susan to save your marriage here is what you do. Use your husband’s love language to get to calm him down and then ask why he’s drinking. Get him to believe he could trust you with anything and see how he opens up to you. Opting out shouldn’t be an option we fix things not throw them away. He still loves you trust me. Take that from Danny.

Now if you’ve got a contribution to make to this story or perhaps you have opinion contrary to mine then let’s hear it on Danny world. What should Susan do at this point? Should divorce be an option? What do you think? Share your thoughts right here. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.


  1. A pathetic story indeed well I will agree with u Danny dat she’s nt asking d right question and @ d right time.My suggestion is dat she should observe wen her husband is happy and in d right frame of mind to talk and den go ahead and dialogue with him.Above all prayer is d master key


  2. hmmmm …. a tough one indeed… it either he started his drinking habit before they got married just that she dint notice .. because guys can act like a saint just to get a lady…or there’s something bordering him and the only way to cool off is by drinking … I guess she should try to talk to her husband … like jammie said … look for a right time when h’s in a good mood….. and shouting isn’t the best solution …


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