Someone once said ‘The best motivation is the one you give yourself’ and I do agree with that completely. Sometimes we don’t always have people close to us to motivate or get us out of a depressed state. You’re not always gonna be around people. People are not always gonna be there for you when you need them. Your life should not always be centered around people. At that point when you don’t feel too good on the inside where you can’t seem to find anyone to pull you out then motivate yourself. Now I know how difficult that sounds but it’s your only way out of that tough, depressing situation that pretty much weighs you down psychologically. Self motivation is the greatest form of motivation a man can have. Sometimes the people we love most the people we think are there for us are really never there when you need them. At that point what do you do? Painful as it sounds though, you pick up yourself by making a friend in your own self cause at the end of the day you’re your best friend and that’s because you know yourself better than you know anyone. Self motivation is simply encouraging yourself. It’s you having a heart to heart conversation with you. It’s like a soliloquy but this time your thoughts are not aloud to the audience but this time your thoughts are aloud to your mind. I call it a mind-chat. Trust me on this one you feel a whole lot better when you do this. Now this way you don’t really get to miss people who are supposed to be there for you when you need them. When you centre your life around people your life becomes that centre such that it’s nothing but that centre all the time and that centre symbolizes people. Sometimes you really don’t have to wait for people to help you out when you’re your help. Now when you have the resources to help someone in need and you refuse to do it, that’s unfair. Life is unfair itself don’t be unfair to yourself too by not using what you have to help your depressed self. Don’t make the unfairness any worse. You’re the best there is and the best there ever will be. It means you’re always in control always on top of any situation whatsoever. Now in case you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself here is what you do. Here are four (4) things you need to do to motivate yourself.

Some people might have been asking how do I do this? How do I motivate myself? Well don’t worry Danny has a little something for you today. Your wondering days are over. Here are four (4) things you need to do to encourage yourself.
Now you’re down and your head is all messed up not thinking straight at that point. What you need to do is calm down and identify what the problem is so you can fix it. Identify why you’re in that state and why you need to get out of it? This is the first stage.

Now you’re calm and you know your problem. This next thing is to create a connection between you and your mind. Create a link to help you say your thoughts to within without even open your mouth. Your mind becomes a person you talk to but you don’t see and you just flow.

Now there is a connection, let it all out. Whatever is eating you up inside pour it out cry if it makes you feel better. Just don’t hold back any information. Say it within to your mind as raw as it might sound. Ponder, ask questions of yourself just have thoughts revealed. Bring it all out.

Now you’ve poured out everything on the inside, what’s next? This is the last stage. After pouring out you feel a whole lot better like you’re relieved. You realize it was nothing at the end of day. Now the solution to that problem bothering you comes alive because you’re now motivated. So yeah move on with your life.

And those are my four steps towards self motivation. Follow those steps and you won’t go wrong. Why wait for someone when you can do it yourself? So yeah be the best you can be. This is Danny world and you are welcome.

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