Perfection is non-existent in the real world cause you’re dealing with humans. You can’t always have it your way, you can’t always win, you can’t always be right or wrong, you don’t have the worst attitude in the world you only an attitude people can’t handle cause at the end of the day we are here as a network to help each other not to castigate. Now you can’t change people then the best you can do is to accept them for who they are so you’re not always at loggerheads cause like it or not you don’t have the best attitude in world. Some people judge by a trait because this person has this bad attitude then this person is a bad person whereas there could be so many other good traits you could learn from if only you’ll just accept him for who he is. In relationships, your partner does something you don’t like and you get angry and this may lead to disputes between the both of you and at the end of the day the relationship is gone. When you try to change people sometimes it just gets worse. Now if your partner has an attitude you don’t like and it seems like your efforts are has yielded no result then the possible solution is to accept that person for who he is. That way you don’t get angry the next time he/she does it cause you now know that’s how he/she behaves. You can’t please everyone and as well everyone can’t please you. No one is above mistakes, there is no one who hasn’t done something he/she regrets before, there is no one who hasn’t hurt someone before and there is no problem you have that someone somewhere hasn’t gone through before which means there is a solution. It may be difficult to do at first but then when come to terms to the fact that we’re humans and we’re not perfect then it becomes easy to accept. No one chose to be what they are now but they can choose to be who they want to be. Sometimes our friends, families or lovers fall short of our expectations we get angry. Now the thing is, when that person’s beliefs and standards doesn’t match up with yours and so it’s bad. Sometimes that attitude may not even be bad but because it’s contrary to your thoughts then it’s bad. Hey I’m human and I’m not perfect and it’s high time to come to terms with that less we’ll keep having problems. Now this is how you go about accepting people for who they are. Here are six (6) ways of doing that.

6 Ways To Accept Others As They Are
Think about what you’re thinking
about. I often think things about other people, judging them,
without even realizing it. I’m going to work on paying more
attention to my thoughts and do my best to push them in a
non-judgmental, more accepting direction.

Not accepting others is a result of
seeing the negative in them. Instead of focusing on why
someone is different, I’m going to focus on what’s good about
that person and his/her choices and actions. My way is not
always the best one.

It’s very tempting to see the
world in black and white with a right and wrong way to do
things, but that’s just not how it is. Things don’t have to be
right or wrong if I choose to accept them as they are. I’m going
to stop labeling my way as “right.”

Our judgments of others are often a
result of our personal criticisms. If I stop putting pressure on
myself to do things the “right” way, I’ll also stop putting
pressure on others as well. Not judging myself or others is a
crucial step to acceptance.

A lack of acceptance can generate from
comparing things to the past. I’m not going to think about what
happened before and try to live accordingly; I’m going to
think about now. Comparing things to the past always hinders
an acceptance of what is.

I ask myself: What if someone were
judging me and not accepting me? How would I feel? I’ll keep
these questions in mind the next time I’m not accepting others.
I will imagine someone constantly telling me to slow down
(and how annoying that would be!).

My advice: Be the best you can be! This is Danny world.

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