Good day to y’all and you’re welcome to Danny world. Again we’ve got another guest on the show today. A beautiful young lady I must confess. She’s a student of the GREAT University of Benin in Nigeria currently studying Accounting. Someone who we are going to be learning one or two things from today. Danny world caught up with GIFT ELUFE. Danny had a little chat with this beautiful young lady and here is what she had to say to us.

Danny: So Gift, Tell us about yourself.
Gift: My name is Gift… I’m quiet not too quiet though, very simple person, I like honest people, happy people, people who are lively, people who make me laugh. I hate liars, like intelligent people, I love pounded yam my favorite, love to sing not too good though but yeah I love singing and cooking too when I’m in the mood.
Danny: Hmmm cooking? For a pretty young lady like you. Most girls nowadays really don’t like cooking? Why?
Gift: Lol maybe because of the stress or something but cooking is work though…
Danny: How has school been like for you so far?
Gift: It’s been good but very stressful but all the same we thank God.
Danny: We thank God. Have you been coping with the new environment?
Gift: At first, I had issues finding my way around but now I know my way around. Happy I’m coping pretty much…
Danny: I was made to understand that you wrote your last paper today as a 100 level student. How does it feel being a 200 level student?
Gift: I’m very happy… I’m like the happiest person alive many wished to be here but they are not here. It’s just like yesterday I got into school and now I’m in 200. Very happy.
Danny: Wow nice. What number are you in the family?
Gift: I’m the second daughter out of a family of five. Three young ones two girls and a guy.
Danny: Lots of responsibilities right?
Gift: Yeah
Danny: If you were to be an animal which would you be?
Gift: Hmmm which animal… Lol a Lion. A Lion is strong the king of the jungle.
Danny: Lion wow…why does everyone suddenly wants to be a Lion? Anyway. What’s your favorite color?
Gift: Sky blue and pink.
Danny: Lol what’s with girls and pink?
Gift It’s a nice color not all girls like pink but majority do. For the sky blue…maybe cause the sky is blue…
Danny: Sky blue? Are you a chelsea fan?
Gift: No
Danny: A football fan?
Gift: Nah, but I watch Nigerian matches though.
Danny: Nigerian matches? Lol name 5 players in the Nigerian football team
Gift: Hmmm Lol Mikel, Osaze, Martins…is Martins still there? Lol
Danny: Nah Martins is no longer in the team. But you tried though. Describe to us the happiest day in your life?
Gift: Hmmm…When I was told I had gotten admission into the university. I was jumping that day. I felt relieved and now I could relax…
Danny: Ever gotten angry?
Gift: Yeah everyone gets angry.
Danny: What happened the last time you did get angry?
Gift: Lol…do I really have to share that? Hmmm The last time someone got me really angry it wasn’t good at all.
Danny: Did you get physical with the person?
Gift: Nah
Danny: Or you didn’t talk to the person for a long time?
Gift: Yeah hmmm…
Danny: Alright then. Is being a lady better than being a guy? Would you rather be a boy right now?
Gift: I wouldn’t say that being a lady is better but I love being a lady.
Danny: Let’s getting a little bit personal
Gift: Ok
Danny: Assuming Gift wants to get into a relationship or marriage. What is your dream guy like?
Gift: Hmmm my dream guy? A guy that loves me even more than he loves himself, intelligent, God fearing, fine, all caring… Yeah that’s all for now
Danny: So I could just tell a guy now, if you want Gift you have to be all loving and stuffs.
Gift: Lol to get gift you have to love gift
Danny: One word for those reading about you right now.
Gift: Always be you don’t try to be what you’re not don’t pretend…Just be you.
Danny: Wow Just be you yo heard! Alright thanks Gift for coming on the show today.
Gift: Thank you for having me
Danny: I hope when next we call you another time you would honor our invitation?
Gift: Lol yeah
Danny: Alright then. So that’s the show for today.

Wow amazing right? She’s an interesting lady I must confess. I hope you learned something from our guest today on Danny world. If you want to be on the show just like Gift all you need do is contact Danny on his various social media platforms and you could be on Danny world. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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