The problems we face today in our society today all comes down to these three words, appeal, apology and appreciation. People find it difficult to say these words like please, sorry and thank you simply because of one reason or the other. This has constituted a lot of problems in our world today. Sometimes I wonder why someone can’t use those words as easy as it sounds. But again I thought to myself, perhaps everybody doesn’t think the same way. You want something you ask for it politely. You’ve been given say thank you it goes a long way in showing that you appreciate what you’ve been given. You offend someone say sorry quickly before it escalates into a war. These words sometimes may not change the situation but goes a long way in showing you’re not ignorant to the fact that we’re humans and we’ve got feelings. Say the words cause trust me it heals a lot of wounds. Now we’re analyzing these words on Danny world today. We’ll be looking at what are the factors that makes it difficult for people to say these words? What are the problems it has caused and how to learn to say these words and mean them? Now read closely please.

Now I’ve heard some people say ‘oh I don’t like to say sorry’ or ‘I don’t know how to say thank you or even beg before I have something’ oh well.. Before now I thought such people were aliens cause I saw no reason why a human would say that. But then I got to find out the reasons why they spoke in that fashion. There are a lot reasons why people find it difficult to say those words. One major problem is the environment. The environment has a way of changing the you as an individual even to your core personalities. Now imagine a guy who was brought up in a military family where they are given brutal treatment and then that person comes out to the civil world. How does he relate where he’s coming from to where he is? It becomes a problem cause in the military he’s thought never to beg all you do is order. His dad never used the word ‘please’ to him not even a day or even apologize for a wrong instead gets more beating for a wrong he didn’t commit. Now how do you expect such person to use to relate with the civil society? It’s gonna be really hard. It will take him almost as much as the years he spent in the military house to change that aspect of his life.

Now such a person will always have problems with people cause everyone likes to be treated nicely unlike where he’s coming from where it really doesn’t matter. Now when someone tells him thank you it sounds strange or would I say surprising to him cause he has never been appreciated before. This has destroyed a lot of friendships, relationships, countries, people, marriages, organizations and so on. Now you wonder why a friendship for more than a decade can come to an end in a minute. Picture a scenerio like this, ‘hey she didn’t say please when she asked then I got offended and she didn’t even bother to say sorry and then I decided to do what she asked and she still failed to say a simple thank you’ now tell me why there won’t be conflict. A menial as it sounds but yeah it happens a lot. A wife complains her husband doesn’t know her love language doesn’t know how to lure her to do things that he wishes. That love language includes ‘please, sorry, thank you honey’ and probably her man doesn’t know how to use those words surely there will be conflict in the home. The woman expects the man to know the man expects the woman to know he doesn’t know. Most men think they don’t have to say please to a woman especially in Africa cause they feel they are men and by African notion a woman is supposed to be subject to a man. So you can see how this has destroyed relationships in our world today.

Orientation matters a lot like they say where you’re coming from determines where you’re heading to in life. Now it’s one thing to say it and it’s another thing to mean it. You should mean them. That’s it from Danny today. Have a great day guys.

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