Now this is just a little tip for those guys who think approaching a girl you like or a girl to guy she likes but he’s not forthcoming is such a high mountain to climb. Now you see a girl that catches your fancy, the first step is to make that first move then start talking chances are she might just have been waiting for you to make the move. On the other hand, a girl likes a guy now I wonder why she has to wait for the guy to do the talking? Now where was it stated that the guys should make the first move? Nowhere certainly. Now I get all that about the guy having more respect for you and all that but then would you rather remain in your bed every night hugging a pillow and thinking of him or having him right by your side? Yeah…I thought you would say that. Look it’s high time we get out of that zone where if he doesn’t show I won’t show up either cause at the end of the day no one shows up. Some guys are like ‘I don’t know what to say’ hey man there is always something to talk to her about you’re just not seeing it. Some guys are like ‘ what if she turns me down?’ Brother it’s not a big deal. You’re not the only one who’s been turned down. It only means there is a better person who knows your true worth out there so you just keep looking. Never be afraid of being turned down cause that drops your confidence which is the most important tool. Danny maybe sounding kinda hard today right? Yeah sometimes that’s the way it works. I just want to make a statement and bring people to that point where interaction is not a problem cause like it or not we’re all here to socialize.

Now only you can bring about the you in you but then sometimes you need someone to share that beautiful you with. That’s why relationships are very important. Picture yourself as a guy or girl who knows what he/she wants. Don’ sit there and dream of both of you in the Bahamas which will never happen unless you start talking. Some people dream a lot they forget they are still in one spot. Dreams come through but with work and that work starts when you make that move. It also happens with our aspirations in life. Oh I want to be like Dangote but you’re doing nothing about it and you expect results. So it is with relationships. How do want her to know if you don’t talk? Or how do you want him to know if you don’t break the ice? You like her? then don’t think twice go for it! It’s like you seeing your favorite meal and saying you won’t eat out of it…funny right? Make your intentions know create a good first impression chances are you guys could be friends and then who knows right…

You want my opinion? Stop thinking stop speculating give it a shot I say go for it! Take that from Danny. This is Danny world.

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