The world today is full of so much evil. A world where a man can take the life of another man without remorse. A world where love no longer seem to exist for a life. A world where killings are endorsed by countries who are supposed to be world leaders. World powers who preach peace in other countries and get to endorse wars and creation of bombs and weapons of mass destruction. A world where sects take lives at will. You put on your television and all you see on the news is all bad news nothing seem to bring joy anymore. The news is full of killings, bloodshed, thousands of people dead, suicide bombings all over the world and you ask where is the peace? Where is that human conscience that pricks you every time you do something of such evil nature?

Where is humanity heading? How did we get here? The U.S improving their arsenal and approving new battle innovations every day just to go up against Russia. Russia will rest at nothing to fight back against the Americans creating nuclear bombs to wipe out the whole of America and we call them world powers. World powers are supposed to be world leaders but today we only have war fighters. The hatred has grown over the years and has turned into a norm between both countries. How long will this go on? China also will rest at nothing to bring down nations as they keep creating new weapons to eliminate nations.

Millions of people die every single day especially in the Asian parts of this world. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Israel have all gone up against each other so many times killing innocent people all in the name of war. These are countries where war has become a norm to the people. After the second world war, you would expect that all these killings would have stopped by now and nations will be able to live at peace with each but it never happened. Some people say ‘you only get to achieve peace through wars’ the question is, does it have to be that way? Do people have to lose their lives for something that only benefits the privileged few?

Two nations form an allegiance to take one nation who poses a threat and at the end of the day, that allegiance is broken and wars continue. Sects taking lives at will just to prove their existence. They kill millions of people in cruelty just to make a statement. What has happened to humanity you ask? True peace may never be attained but we can all live together in harmony. Nations have always fought against each other till this time and nothing seem to have changed. Why don’t we try something new apart from wars? Why keep fighting wars when we never get peace? Drop those guns and let’s have value for lives today. This is Danny world…


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