Sometimes as humans we become afraid of so many things around us. Sometimes as humans we become afraid of so many people around us. Sometimes as humans we are scared of our past. Sometimes we are afraid or uncertain about what the future holds for us. Sometimes we’re even afraid of ourselves cause we’re not sure the next action or step we would take. Sometimes when we are alone we’re scared of what we think and some are even afraid of being alone. Now let’s look at what fear means. Fear is an uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by perceived threat or danger. The fact is we are all scared of one thing or the other or someone. Fear limits you, fear keeps you beneath, fear keeps you weak, fear is defeat in itself, fear is pain. But here is what is shocking. Did you know that fear is a choice? Well Danny is gonna proving that to you today on Danny world. Now we’re gonna looking at fear, what fear has caused today in our world? How to conquer fear? and live a life free of fear. All that on Danny world today. Now read closely

Now I’ve heard people say ‘oh I’m so afraid of this man or woman’ and then they begin to avoid confrontations with such persons. Such persons induce fear in you anytime you’re around them maybe because of their countenance or the way they scream at you or look at you but there is just something not right about them. You don’t feel comfortable around them. It also happens with our parents sometimes especially dads. Perhaps you’re in the sitting room watching a movie or something and then suddenly your dad walks in and you’re all over the place looking like you just saw a ghost or something. Whenever he’s around there is this absence of freedom. Now you wonder why a human like you could instill such level of fear in another human and you’re like why does it happen that way? Yeah you know why? cause you’ve chose to show fear. Now you feel fear but you choose not to show fear. We’ll always be afraid but we choose whether to show it or not. You could afraid of someone and yet show you’re not afraid that gives the person you’re afraid of that sense of confidence from you, stunned he re-thinks his reaction towards your confidence.

Sometimes we’re so afraid of our past that it affects the way we see the future. Perhaps we’ve gone through some rough experience in the past that continues to taunt us. Now perhaps you were hurt by a guy in the past who you loved so much and then he broke up with you for another girl. Now because of that experience you begin to see every other guy as a cheat. Now because of the fear of that repeating itself you avoid relationships so you don’t get hurt again. The fear of getting hurt again limits you from falling in love with any other guy. That itself is a choice cause you decided to stop yourself from loving another guy. More often than not, we’re afraid of what the future holds for us and we begin to ask question like what if I never become what I want to become? What if there is no future for me? because we’re uncertain we fail to plan our future now and then at the end of the day we become what didn’t plan for in the future. Choose to be certain and plan now so your future is bright.

Have ever been in situation where you’re like is this where is all ends for me? Yeah I’ve been there myself. Armed robbers came into a compound went into a room you hear a gunshot and your house is next and your heart beat increases beating faster than normal and you’re like is this where I die? Now that’s a perceived danger and naturally that fear comes in and so many thoughts flash through your brain all negative thoughts at that point. Now some people become so afraid they even die before the robbers gets to them. Now when you’re afraid you don’t think straight your thoughts are clouded by fear. Now when you try to keep calm you begin to look for alternatives to find a way out of the situation. Now let’s use ebola as an example here. When ebola came into the country people were afraid of contracting the disease and then a supposed solution came up. People were told to use salt and water and because of fear some people did this and died from it. Now they didn’t even have ebola but they died from the fear of ebola. That’s what fear does to you. So if I know fear is gonna kill me then why should I be afraid?

The only way to conquer fear is to convince yourself within not to display fear. You face situations head on. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. My advise; Danger is real but fear is a choice… Take that from Danny today!

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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