Sometimes as humans we tend to fear the unknown rather than make do with what we have presently. Some people don’t even bother to go into challenges, situations or events in life because they are afraid it will fail. Some people are skeptical to take that bold step because they are afraid they will fall. Some people are scared of going into a relationship because they are afraid it will fail even before it starts. Some people fear they will fail exams so studying becomes a problem. So many things makes us afraid and fear of failure is a limitation and limitations only keep you where you are and stops you from venturing into adventures. We are gonna be looking at the fear of failing today on the Danny world and how we can overcome this fear.

Life is full of ups and downs. There will always be good times and bad times. There will always be success and failure. To get to heaven you’ve gotta go through hell. Life will always bring choices and those choices we make affect how we go about dealing with life. People are afraid of failing because they don’t trust themselves. You should trust yourself and not just trusting yourself but believing in yourself. Self conviction brings you to that realization that being afraid is a setback and setbacks only drags you further down. When you feel you will fail then you will fail cause even if you go ahead with it because you’re conscious of failing then you too careful and when you do that problems begin to arise and then you’re failing already. I’m not saying be afraid of failure be prepared for it so that when it comes you know how to tackle it but then for you to get to the top then you must be ready to work hard so you don’t fail. You must be able to condition your mind not to fail that way the thought of even failing becomes a thing of the past.

Being afraid of failing only makes you see things from the negative side and stops you from achieving great heights. Sometimes you need to let go and give it a try, prepare for the worst and give it your best shot. A man said to his wife to be ‘I love you so much and I wan to spend the rest of my life with you’ then the woman replied and said ‘we can’t do this’ the man devastated asked why? And then she said ‘because I’m afraid this will not work’ Now the woman is afraid of getting married perhaps because of what she’s heard from people or maybe the way she views marriage is totally different from the way the man sees it. Either way she’s afraid of doing this. Now she never thought of what good things marriage holds for her not even getting to have your own children. Now that fear stops her from giving it a try and so retreat is the order of the day eventually that relationship dies cause it’s like both parties having contrasting minds or ideas as it were.

In the words of Winston Churchill ‘a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity while the opportunist sees opportunity in every difficulty’ what are you? A pessimist or an opportunist? Are you ready to take the bull by the horn or just sit there and complain about the task and doing nothing about it. You don’t fold your hands and climb the ladder. You’ve gotta to work your ass off everyday. You go out there and make sure you give everything a hundred percent. For every two steps you take just know that someone else has taken double that step so why can’t I give more? Whatever comes your way give it a try if possible break some rules to get the job done. It’s hard but only when it becomes hard does it count. No pain no gain if it doesn’t cost you then you won’t appreciate it. Break that sweat today so your tomorrow will be sweet. Take that from Danny today!

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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