Life will always bring us tough times but our ability to survive those times makes us who we are. There is one thing about the human spirit which is to ‘fight’ humans have a resilient spirit which never backs down no matter the size of the challenge and that spirit stirs us up against the tough times life throw at us. Today we’re going to be looking at the struggles of life. We’ll be talking about how life has shaken people who rose up and gave it a good fight coming out victorious.

The way you handle situations matters a whole lot to how you’re willing to come out of it. The problem is not the problem the problem is how you handle the problem. Little wonder why Sir Winston Churchill once said that ‘a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity while and opportunist sees an opportunity in every difficulty’ and some people are like the pessimist who just take life as it comes and so whatever challenge he/she finds difficult even without giving it a try he/she regards it as a defeat. So tell me why won’t life defeat such people? You might say ‘oh my problem is to big to be solved’ trust me if another person tells you his story you’ll be motivated cause yours is not even a problem compared to that person’s own. As much as God has given us power to conquer life doesn’t mean we won’t play our own part and to activate that power you need to know how to make use of that power not sitting and watching those challenges come and say ‘oh God has given me the power to conquer…’ No it doesn’t work that way. It’s like you having a gun and a snake still bit you.

They say ‘he fights and run lives to fight another day’ a statement most people use to console themselves when they fail to defeat a tough situation. Some people don’t even fight at all so they keep piling up their fights which they are still going to fight whether they like it or not. Why not stress the stress now and play later. Laziness is a struggle itself and for you to conquer situations you need to first conquer that laziness. Life is like a boxing ring you make a mistake and you get punished by your opponent. Every approach to tough situations should be calculated so you don’t miss it and get punished.

They say ‘it’s not about how many times you fall that matters what matters is how many times you rise up’ that statement lifts up my spirit anytime I feel defeated. Some situations toughen you up you become even much stronger to fight and overcome. A girl lost her dad when she was about getting into the university. She was devastated for months cause she just lost the only person who would go any length just to make her happy the one who she built her life around had left her so soon. So she said to herself ‘I will come out with the best result so my dad will be proud wherever he is.’ And she did just that. She graduated with the best result in her class and then she said ‘for you dad.’ Now for that young girl, that situation motivated her to fight and get past that tough phase of her life. You must have gone through emotional battles after her dad died but she used the situation as s stepping stone to attaining great heights in life. In that way, she has conquered such situation and now she has a story to tell generations who will be inspired to go in the same line. Sometimes we could use situations to our advantage. I don’t know what you’re going through at the moment or you may have gone through but there is one thing I know ‘you’re victorious’ once you know you’re victorious then you’ve taken the very step in conquering that situation. Give it a shot today….

This is Danny world. We’re talking we’re sharing and we’re learning. Have you been in such situations before? How did you come out of it? Or you’re still battling with it? Tell us.
You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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