This is something Danny doesn’t do often but trust me he knows these things. I may just breaking the girl code with what I’m about reveal to you. Just giving the guys a little heads up about women. Little things women like and dislike too. So here are 7 things you possibly don’t know about women.

1. WOMEN HATE COMPARISONS: She may joke about it when she asks you about who you think is prettier or smarter between herself and her friend or some hottie but if you stand your ground as a guy you don’t get the bad look.

2. WOMEN LIKE BEING TAKEN CARE OF: She doesn’t want to be dominated or pushed around like some puppet. She likes being carried like a queen. One thing I know some guys wouldn’t agree but it’s the truth.

3. WOMEN WILL ALWAYS PROTECT HER GIRLFRIENDS: She may tell this one is bitchy the other is rude or the other is selfish but you don’t toll this same line less you get the bad look. Girlfriends will always be girlfriends.

4. NOTHING BEATS GOSSIP: The 3g’s that rock a woman’s world is gossip, girlfriends and gist. Never deny her that.

5. WOMEN LOVE ROMANCE: Are you surprised? Wow that’s shouldn’t be surprising. She would always want you to hold her, touch her, a little kiss here and there. Yeah they do.

6. WOMEN ALSO HOLD THEIR CROTCHES: This is one thing men need to take a cue from. Women hold their crotches but find the decency to do it in their bedroom or bathroom.

7. WOMEN LOVE DETAILS: When she tells you something she expects you to remember everything when next she asks you. She likes it when you don’t forget little details especially birthdays.

Now you know! Do this and your woman will always love you. Take that from Danny. Door is open to anything you’ve gotta say. This is Danny world!

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