I’m Not Over My Ex | Ep. 130

This week, the duo return with a much relatable conversation on confronting the age-long question of, “Do People Really Get Over Their Exes?” The duo would go on to read moving stories of men and women who never got over their exes from Quora. This sparks the debate in the studio as the duo reminisces on personal stories of not moving on from an ex, the hurt, using a new partner as a rebound + MORE. On Nana’s Corner, we discuss Archraf Hakimi’s wife demanding half of his fortune in divorce, Israel Adesanya’s victory, Ciara & Chris Brown’s new music, Jamie Foxx’s health scare, and Queen Latifah. Enjoy the episode!


Episode’s Songs: Toni Braxton – Un-break My Heart Rihanna – Take a Bow

Song Intro: Tiwa Savage Ft. Young Jonn & Arya Star – Stamina

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