Now this is a true life story and I get kinda edgy when it comes to stories like this. Now I’m not going to reveal the names of the characters in this story. Now here is a smart, pretty and lively girl who is always dedicated to whatever she does. Now to the delight of her family, she gets admitted into one of the most prestigious universities in the country. With the same mind set she gets into the university focusing on the task at hand. Two months into school she makes friends wonderful friends of both sexes and such short time they all blended well. Amazing right?

Now here is the part where the story begins to get really interesting. She twisted her ankle the first time and she took it lightly then the second time and the ankle was placed on P.O.P she took it off and then she broke her ankle again and that was the start of the worst seven weeks of her life. This time the ankle was casted and she was given clutches. Now if I’m reading your thoughts correctly you’re like ‘ignorance’ yeah I thought the same when I heard this story. Now here is a girl who is so full of life and all of a sudden this happens where she has to face people with her situation and bad timing for her it was time for her exams.

Now here is the part where her true friends revealed. Before now she had lots of support coming left, rigrht and centre but when it came down to real business those true friends showed up. Her BFF would go to her house help her to the cab down to the school where this guy a friend of hers carries her down to the exam hall and students watching but he didn’t care he just kept on moving. He cared so much it went on like that throughout the exam period. Friends made her feel wanted friends encouraged her when she was devastated friends supported her in every way friends kept her going friends saw her through that sad part of her life friends were there until the end of that situation and friends will always be there.

Who are your friends? Do you know them? You could see in such short time she met the right friends who helped her till she was able to walk on her feet again. Do you have friends like that? Or would you stand up for a friend like that? Hmmm I leave those questions and the answers with you. True friendship is that friendship which never turns its back in any situation seek for true friendship. Choose your friends Danny says so.

This is Danny world……

One thought on “TRUE FRIENDSHIP

  1. Hmmmm,wat a touching story indeed,d guy really tried cos its nt easy to stand by her during dos trying timez.I pray d friendship last longer and grow into something bigger and better.


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