How Good Was Top Gun: Maverick? | Movie Review | Ep. 90

This week, we mark our 90th episode with the review of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick which may just be the biggest blockbuster of the summer grossing over $1.3 billion at the box office three months after its release. The movie also stars Glenn Powell, John Hamm, Jennifer Connelley, Miles Teller, Jay Ellis, and many other impressive casts. We give our honest ratings and view of the movie from a performance, production, and storytelling standpoint. Also, on Nana’s Corner, we cover the biggest releases in music and movies this week from DJ Khaled’s new album to Kevin and Mark Wahlberg’s new Netflix dramedy + MORE. Enjoy the episode!


Song Outro: Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand


Story Telling – Naomie 5.0 | Danny 4.5

Performance – Naomie 4.5 | Danny 4.5

Production – Naomie 5.0 | Danny 5.0

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