Does Hustle Deserve Best Performance? | Movie Review | Ep. 78

In this episode, we discuss the arguably the most prominent sports drama of the year HUSTLE starring Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah, Ben Forster, and main character Juancho Hernangomez. The movie highlights the struggles of a selfless scout who finds a young Spanish prodigy in Bo Cruz who would take the NBA by storm. We also draw life lessons from the story highlighting the importance of external validation, starving to provide for family and people in need, and the impact of having a supportive spouse who understands and knows how to manage your emotional struggles per time, Danny trying to do stand-up comedy + MORE. Enjoy the episode!


Song Outro: Reminisce Ft. BNXN & D Smoke – Hustle 

Story Telling – Naomie 4.5 | Danny 5.0

Performance – Naomie 4.0 | Danny 4.5

Production – Naomie 5.0 | Danny 5.0

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