“My Friend Dating My Ex is Betrayal & Murder Worthy..”

We’ve all had that friend who always wants to pick up where you left off with your ex. A weird dynamic that plays out often times in relationships or friendships. On this episode, we’re discussing the downsides to a friend dating an ex and how that dynamic changes the friendship.


We’re discussing the upsides to a friend falling in love with an ex as well. You’ll be surprised how many couples have gone on to having a long lasting marriage and friendship after that.

Think about this for a sec. How many new people do you actively interact with daily? Probably not a lot. Except your job requires meeting new people, chances are your social routine is basic. So just by numbers, you’re automatically thrown into a small pool of the dating market.


It implies that your chances of meeting new people will most likely come from your circle of friends. And that is where it becomes tricky especially when the relationship ends. Now you have choose which friend you’re going to keep or let go? And either decision leaves one of them gutted.


Now in a situation where your friend goes on to date your ex a few months after the break up, what’s going to be your reaction? How would that make you feel? Is that the end of the friendship? Or would you be the adult and celebrate their relationship?

Listen to the episode via link displayed on this post. Find out our thoughts on this interesting topic on The Spectrum Podcast.


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